Chairman Omali Yeshitela Speaks In Dallas, TX Int’l Book Tour Promoting His New Book One People! One Party! One Destiny!

Uhuru Summer Series
Chairman Omali Yeshitela Speaks In Dallas, TX

International Book Tour Promoting His Latest Book One People, One Party, One Destiny
June 17, 2011

The following will be a series of stories I’ve written earlier this summer I’ve covered previous stories prior to event coming soon so watch for them! Any readers who live Dallas, TX and want write for Uhuru News/ The Burning Spear Newspaper. Please email Hakil, Uhuru! Touch One! Touch All!

      Chairman Omali Yeshitela stopped to make appearance at the Pan African Connection in Dallas, Texas.  Bendele  Tyehimba owner and host of the event gave an introduction for the book signing event.  He made dynamic statement when it comes to organizing an event, he pointing out that there were not too many people at event but the people showed him these are the people who are serious in making changes in the African community. Egundele Hakil Shalamath Fagbenro, chair of  Dallas Branch of International People Democratic Uhuru Movement, spoke on the current situation happening in the South Dallas area which was brought to the attention of the Chairman himself.  Hakil, Chairman of International Democratic Uhuru Movement Local Organizing Committee gave a report of the political situation that currently going in the North Texas city.   
       “There's an election a run off that will determine who will be the next Mayor of Dallas, TX.  On candidate David Kunkle is a former Dallas Police  Chief.  He's the Junta candidate because if elected he will continue the containment and military occupation in the African and Latino communities.  Police terror will continue to thrive, unless the community stand up resist police brutality and murder.  The second candidate is Mike Rawling not to be confused with Jerry Rawlings the former president of Ghana.  He is the former CEO of Pizza Hut, his goal is to bring non-profit organizations to save the Dallas economy, the schools, the community centers.  As much knowledge he has in business and money management, there's not been any Mayor or City Councilperson who has developed the South Dallas community.  It will be business as usual, until the Africans realize that politicians are not for our interest.”  This is a fact poverty and school closing will continue in the African community until the African working class start oraganizing and bring community control of Police and education.  He also made statement that we to start a Community Garden Survival Initiative and unite with other community gardens in the African Community.   Africans must also build economic development through the Wellness Industry, since there growing trend of health problems with Africans.  There is a product that gives discounts when you buy wellness products like herbs vitamins etc. or your treated by a  natruaopathic doctor.  

Erick Kafre, of Community Organizing Against Police Terrorism made call for all people to unite against police terrorism in the African community. He said in a fiery speech that “We should not be divided because I’m with this organization or that organization no matter what organization you come from we all should be united!” The COAPT member mentioned that the reason why COAPT was formed because there are organizations that deal with isolated police brutality issues. They recognized that police terrorism were not isolated incidents but systematic all over the country. COAPT can unite with these organizations that are fighting against police terrorism. Erick told the story about Tobias Mackey who killed by Dallas Police Officer, when he was visiting someone at a Apt complex in the Oak Cliff area. He was shot down dead because he refused to move his hand from behind his back and the young African was unarmed. COAPT goals is to change the current police review board and change it The Office Of Police Monitoring. Change the subpoena power so that witnesses nor any police person will be called in after a grand jury trial. Dallas InPDUM stance is that we must community control of the Police, and organize to Police our own. Stop Police containment, stop the military occupation in the African community! Reparation to victims and their families who were effected by these terrorist attacks. African people must now take the lead for state power.

The Chairman Makes His Speech

For over 40 years, Omali Yeshitela has led the movement for African liberation. Surviving the U.S. government’s attack on the Black Power Movement of the 1960’s, he continues the stuggle to liberate Africa and all of its resources through his political theory of African Internationalism, in which he describes capitalism as a parasitic system built and maintained through enslavement and oppression of African peoples and colonial domination of Africa. A true revolutionary who once said, “I am biased on the side of the oppressed people,” Omali Yeshitela has built numerous self-sufficient African controlled institutions–including The Burning Spear newspaper, the longest running revolutionary newspaper still in circulation. A former memer of SNCC (the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee) and JOMO (the Junta of Militant Organizations), he formed and chairs the African People’s Socialist Party and The African Socialist International with an objective of “liberating and uniting Africa under a single, all African socialist state.” Chairman Omali Yeshitela has written several books and publications for which he was honored by the University of South Florida at an event unveiling a collection of his books and writings–including one I always keep near me, Omali Yeshitela Speaks, a collection of over 25 speeches, articles and interviews. His newest book, One People! One Party! One Destiny!, is the “political report to the historic Fifth Congress of the African People’s Socialist Party” held in July of 2010-
Heit Membership Coordinator of InPDUM.

The writer, wanted to bring part of introduction out to give our readers an brief idea on who Chairman is and his goals. His speech was very dynamic, inspirational and educational. He brought Imperial crisis to light when talked about what was happening in the so-called Middle East; Chairman Omali mentioned that reason imperialism is in crisis because the oppressed nations are finally rising up agains the oppressor nation the United States. What he really brought to mind was the fact that when U.S. took over Iraq after they lynched Saddam Hussein, they turn over power to the Shia. Now Iran is also Shia and so is Birhain, a Shia majority. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of Iran has a great influence over the Shia people and President Obama won’t have those Arabs control those resources. The US and NATO is attacking Libya because Quadaffi is making investing in the African continent, he struggle to make life better for African people in his attempt unite Africa despite being involved with the Neocolonial States. The African people of Dallas, TX gave him a warm reception gave a new perspective on the African People Socialist Party. The Party leader stated, you organizing around certain issue whether it’s Police terrorism or other reforms but to what end. We must have State Power where ever African people maybe. But we must also Liberate Africa cause the land and the resources belong to the Africans, it is our home.

Izwe Lethu! I Afrika!

One Africa One Nation!


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