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“Manslaughter conviction in the Akai Gurley case is not justice”

NEW YORK, NY—On February 11, 2016 NYPD cop Peter Liang was convicted for manslaughter in the Akai Gurley case. Sources say the jury did not believe the pig’s defense, that his “gun fired accidentally”.

Bill Cosby in perspective by Chairman Omali Yeshitela

"Cosby was more useful to them as a spokesman against the African working class than the virtuous white women who fell victim to his intoxicating cocktails."

Cover-up in Texas: Still no justice for Sandra Bland

HOUSTON-In the same federal courthouse where Muhammad Ali was convicted for draft evasion in June of 1967, a wrongful death suit was initiated on December 17, 2015 by attorneys representing the family of Sandra Bland.

Cheating, Stealing banksters say they will give back some of the loot

Five of the world's largest banks pleaded guilty to felony charges and will pay a total of over five billion dollars in fines to the Department of Justice and the U.S. Treasury for offenses ranging from manipulating the value of dollars and euros to rigging interest rates.

Uhuru Radio discussion on Zimmerman verdict: Justice for Trayvon! End the war on the African community!

There Is A War Going On...  In the first hour, join host Dedan Sankara for a segment entitled, There Is A War Going On...Sankara...

State fails at attempt to silence InPDUM. President free of all charges

On Tuesday, June 25, President Diop went to court to fight the remaining warrant, which stemmed from driving with a suspended license back in 2006. At the end, Diop has been required to pay only a $50 fine.

Blade Runner is set to beat Justice in White Nationalist South Africa

    The criminal justice system in Occupied Azania (South Africa) is still an apartheid operation. The recent cases of torture and murder of Africans that...

Free Crystal Scott! Protect and defend the African woman!

Black woman charged with murder in Houston after fighting off her white attacker!

The Crisis of the Catholic Church is a crisis of imperialism: Pope resigns in storm of sexual abuse, money laundering charges

Joseph Ratzinger, aka Pope Benedict XVI, announced on Feb. 11 that he will resign his position as the CEO of the Roman Catholic Church,...