Is Kanye West a “black leader?” His bid for top imperialist

On July 4, 2020, rapper Kanye West announced he is running for U.S. president, the public leader in world imperialism. He is running as a third-party candidate, representing the “Birthday party” because he says “when we win, it’s everybody’s birthday.”

The Ballot and the Bullet: Putting self-determination back on the ballot

United States—On June 13 and 14, 2020, The Black is Back Coalition for Social Justice, Peace and Reparations (BIBC) held our 4th Electoral Campaign School, themed “The Ballot and The Bullet: Putting Self-Determination on the Ballot!”

Annual March & Rally on the White House Demands an end to Worldwide Imperialist Wars

Since its founding 10 years ago on September 12, 2009, the Black is Back Coalition has sought to unite the black self-determination movement.

Five ways the incumbent of District 7 of St. Petersburg has sold out the black community

Aside from the incumbent refusing to face the people by missing more than half of the community forums during the primary election, here’s five ways the incumbent has sold out the interests of the black community and working people in this city, in just four years.

The people will win! Don’t forget to vote on August 27!

Election Day is right around the corner, August 27 to be exact, and it may very well be the most important election for our city.

Tampa Bay Times slanders three black candidates. Akile responds!

The Tampa Bay Times has stooped to a new low this morning with the publication of a racist, slanderous article about the arrest records of three black candidates in the city council elections taking place in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Stop gentrification of the black community! Unity through reparations!

There is a systematic plan by politicians and the developers, who fill their campaign accounts with big bucks, to push poor and working class black families out of their homes and businesses on the southside of St. Pete.

The Black Power Blueprint: African Working Class Seizing Power! White St. Louis Owes Reparations!

The biggest assortment of criminals and felons in St. Louis can be found in City Hall and county government offices.

We need Black Power and self determination, not more police

This presentation was given by Comrade Ticharwa Masimba in St. Louis, MO at the O’Fallon Neighborhood Association meeting on June 8, 2019.   He is a...