The Mighty Sparrow honored in Toronto

The Mighty Sparrow aka Slinger Francisco is alive and well.

Aminata Moseka (Abbey Lincoln): “The Girl Can’t Help It”: She was a freedom fighter

"We have inherited a great music. This music is a holdover. It comes with us like the skin, the texture of our hair. It’s our memory banks.” - Abbey Lincoln.

Dramatics founder Ron Banks dead at 58

    Ron Banks, whose silky falsetto helped give the Dramatics one of the most enduring careers in R&B, has joined the ancestors.  Banks passed at...

Delhi Hotels – Hotel Raunak International is a luxury Hotel close to Karol Bagh Metro Station

Raunak International is the most exotic and desirable place to central delhi. Delhi Hotels are known for their excellent locations. Raunak International is a...

Jesse Belvin: The most gifted of all

The legendary Etta James was high on Belvin. She bluntly called Belvin, "The most gifted of all...even now I consider him the greatest singer of my generation. Rhythm and blues, rock and roll, crooner, you name it. He was going to be bigger than Sam Cooke, bigger than Nat Cole."

Poetry in motion

Below is work by poet Claude McKay who was instrumental in the fight for revolutionary ideas that were being debated and bloomed in what...

Oppose Obama’s escalation of war against oppressed people!

“We have no interest in occupying your country,” President Obama told the people of Afghanistan and the world, on December 1. He then proceeded to...

Langston Hughes “Merry Christmas”

The following poem was written by Langston Hughes. He was an instrumental African during the Harlem Renaissance, a period in the 1920s following the...

Challenging Cuba as the violator of black people’s rights? Really?

What I am struck by is how these Africans are able to step over all of the attacks against African people that they can see before them in the U.S. and, instead of writing a statement to Obama demanding an end to them, go all the way to Cuba to address contradictions that I’d bet most of them know nothing about.