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Norman "Otis" Richmond (aka Jalali)


Prince: The great musician and his connection to Africans worldwide

"There is an African connection to Prince's film 'Purple Rain' as Director Christopher Kirkley re-imagines Prince's 'Purple Rain' on the mother continent."

Gil Scott and Jimmy Ruffin

  “The artist must elect to fight for Freedom or Slavery. I have made my choice. I had no choice. I had no alternative." Paul Roberson Robeson...

A Book Review of Richard Williams’ (Serena and Venus’ dad) Black and White: The Way I See It

TORONTO-After reading Richard Williams, new memoir Black and White: The Way I See It, I thought about Black Uhuru's song, "Sponji Reggae." Williams is the "genuine character" that Michael Rose, their lead singer sang about.

Diasporic Music

Music and talents of Colina Phillips, Eric Mercury and K'naan. Plus the passing of Marvin Junior, Clarence Burke and Mulgrew Miller.

Aminata Moseka (Abbey Lincoln): “The Girl Can’t Help It”: She was a freedom fighter

"We have inherited a great music. This music is a holdover. It comes with us like the skin, the texture of our hair. It’s our memory banks.” - Abbey Lincoln.

February is African Liberation Month

Black History Month must be updated for the 21st century. February should be the month that we re-double our struggle against imperialism and white supremacy, and for reparations for slavery, the slave trade and colonialism.

Michael Jackson will be welcomed by the ancestors

The year is 1983. My friends and I are in Buffalo, New York. We are there to see the poets Amiri Baraka and Jayne...

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