Brexit: White people lose their shit

United Kingdom––At the June 23, 2016 referendum 51.9 percent of British people voted to leave the European Union (EU), while 48.1 percent voted for U.K to remain in the EU. This sent shock waves throughout Europe and world’s capitalist centers.

Britain’s population and its leaders woke up on the morning of Friday June 24th to a new environment defined by a nation split down the middle, gripped by shock, disbelief and uncertainty.

For weeks, a multitude of polls attempted to predict different outcomes but did not prepare the white population for the crisis ahead. 

They only added another layer of uncertainty to ones created by previous manifestations of the crisis of imperialism: bombings of Paris and Brussels, the 2008 financial crisis, imperialist wars against Iraq, Libya, Syria, Somalia and subsequent immigration that they have caused, expensive cost of leaving, etc. 

This crisis did not start with Brexit vote, but it took a decisive turn with the rise and victories of anti-colonial struggles in India, Kenya, Ghana and elsewhere, which marked the irreversible decline of Britain.

British ruling class is in disarray; unprepared for scale of the crisis 

Brexit’s victory triggered David Cameron’s resignation as prime minister, opening up a bitter and chaotic leadership succession contest within the Conservative tory. 

Boris Johnson, the former mayor of London, with prime ministerial ambition, successfully led the leave Europe (or Brexit) camp. 

In less than week, however, his dreams were shattered as the inner struggle for leadership of the Tory party forced him to renounce his candidature to lead the Conservative tory.

Leaders of the main opposition party, the Labour party, used this crisis to turn on their own leader, Jeremy Corbyn. They wanted him to resign on the pretext that he did not fight harder for the remain in the EU camp’s victory.

Nigel Farage, the leader of the United Kingdom Independence party (UKIP), who many would credit for making the Brexit agenda popular, has stepped down, a week after claiming victory.

David Cameron’s 2015 Tory Party’s electoral manifesto, in order to woe white nationalist voters on immigration matters, promised he would call for a referendum in 2017 to put the issue at “rest for a generation.” 

David Cameron’s inability in February 2016, to win further major reforms following his negotiations with the European Union made the referendum imminent. Although he held it a year early, we had no doubt that he was bluffing. He did not believe he would lose the vote.  He gambled and lost.

British rulers dissatisfied with their status within the European Union 

It was the Tory party that took Britain to the EU in 1975 referendum under the leadership of Edward Heath. 

The Party grew divided when it became clear that the EU was moving towards closer political union, which is another name for European Union under Germany’s leadership. 

This is resented and rebuffed by a significant sector of the British ruling class and population. Too often British people complain that “we won the two world wars, why is Brussels telling us what to do now?”

The Headquarter of EU is located in Brussels, Belgium. Belgium, however, does not dominate Europe, Germany does

According to, in 2013, as the British rulers demanded further concessions from the EU, Nicolai von Ondarza asked “But already the United Kingdom is the country that is most detached from the core of EU integration…

“How far has the UK already distanced itself from the EU? And in what extent has it made use of its opt-in rights? It is clear that the UK is the EU country with the highest overall number of opt-outs and special clauses. 

“They currently scope to four main areas: The first one is of course the monetary union, on which the UK has the only permanent opt-out next to Denmark. 

“In recent years, this has extended to all forms of closer economic integration surrounding the Eurozone, e.g. the Euro Plus Pact, the Fiscal Compact or the banking union currently being set up. 

“The next one is Schengen and the free movements of persons…Finally, with the Lisbon Treaty, the UK has also secured an opt-out from Charter of Fundamental Rights.” 

The leave campaigners never lost an opportunity to claim that “Brexit would allow Britain to stop giving £350m a week to Brussels and suggested the money could go to the struggling National Health Service instead, although the real amount is at most, about half that figure,”( Jim Brunsden and Duncan Robinson 

With trillions of dollars wiped out worldwide, Brexit crisis is an imperialist crisis

The final consequences of the Brexit victory were swift and frightening for the white oppressor nation from England to the U.S: The British pound sterling fell sharply in respect to the U.S. dollar and other imperialist currencies, unsettling the World’s billionaire class that stored their wealth in England. The British pound is being changed at $1.30. A thirty 30-year low!

In the July 5th issue of the Financial Times newspaper, it was reported that “Investors have been barred from cashing in their assets in two more big commercial property funds amid widespread disposals of UK assets on fears that the economic fallout from last month’s vote to leave the EU was gathering pace.”

In this one world economy, all sectors of economy are intertwined. It is not a UK crisis but an imperialist crisis, and no capitalist centres are spared: US, Germany, France, Japan, etc are all hit by this new round of  explosion of world parasitic capitalism. 

According to Nicole Bullock on “The momentous UK Brexit vote to leave the European Union has led to a spike in global financial market volatility and a flight to safety, due largely to concerns about the durability of the European Union and the euro, and U.S. stocks have suffered from the resulting ‘risk-off’ environment,” said Michael Reilly, chief investment officer for equities at TCW. 

The brunt of the losses were in developed market equity markets where the value of the decline was $2.8 trillion, while emerging markets have lost $179 billion.” 

There is a scramble for safety; every white bourgeoisie parasite is seeking to protect the assets and billions looted from Africa and elsewhere from the consequences of the Brexit crisis. 

Some are buying gold, dollars and yen to protect their stolen wealth.

This intensification of the crisis is sharpening the internal rivalry between bourgeois imperialist powers and heightening the possibility of another imperialist world war.

Brexit, a prelude to the breakup of UK?

In September 2014, Britain escaped a break-up, the Scotland exit from the UK did not materialise after an unfavourable referendum result. 

Nicola Sturgeon, the current Scottish Nationalist party’s leader wasted no time. Right after the announce of the results she gave her interpretation of the Brexit victory for Scotland: “The Scottish Parliament should have the right to hold another referendum…if there is a significant and material change in the circumstances that prevailed in 2014, such as Scotland being taken out the EU against our will.”

Scotland now faces that prospect––a significant and material change in circumstances––and it is therefore a statement of the obvious that the option of a second referendum must be on the table. And it is on the table.”

UK is not the only place under the threat of breaking up. Spain, with the Catalans’ demand for independence, and the spit in Belgium between Flemish and Wallons are some of the burning contradictions undermining the unity of white people in Europe.

All EU in turmoil! Everyone for himself

The withdrawal of Britain from EU would deprive the EU budget of the UK’s £ 9 billion-a-year contribution. 

What is perceived as the British and the U.S. model of liberal imperialism has been seriously hit. With the loss of UK’s triple A credit rating, the reputation of London as the centre of financial parasitism has been damaged beyond repair. 

It is now everyone for himself, the cohesion of the Europe Union is being shattered before our eyes. 

On July 2nd, The Economic Times of India reported that Manuel Valls, the French Prime Minister, said “We know that groups based in the City are planning to leave for Dublin, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Paris. 

“We are working on measures that could help strengthen our attractiveness. I think notably about taxation or the status of expatriates.”  

Calls for anti-immigration measures and secured jobs for white people throughout Europe, North America and Australia by different types of white nationalist organizations, have become the rallying cry that galvanise the white population seeking the restoration of the good old colonial days. 

The French and Dutch are demanding their right to have a referendum on their membership in the EU. Hungary’s government is planning a referendum of Merkel’s quota on distribution of refugees throughout the EU.

Struggle against Parasitism is the only genuine struggle for white people in UK and Europe

A June 30th article from informs that “Investors have fled to companies with sufficient overseas earnings to benefit from sterling’s weakness, or linked to gold and other precious metals as they appreciate in value…

After an initial shock, the FTSE 100 has all but recovered to pre-Brexit levels—but then two-thirds of company earnings are based overseas.”

This is the “Uneasy Equilibrium” that Chairman Omali Yeshitela talks about. A new world is trying to emerge. We are opposed to the building of another parasitic world arrangement. 

We are fed up with white people always seeking to solve their problems at the expense of everybody else. It is time for the white workers to solve UK’s problems by standing in solidarity with black workers and all the oppressed peoples’ fight for power on Earth. 

Embrace African Internationalism; join the fight to eradicate parasitical capitalism at its foundation. 

We demand British imperialism out of Africa!

British Reparations to Africa!




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