A tribute to sister Mawasi

I would like to thank you sister Njeri for extending the invitation to Uhuru movement to attend this important commemoration.

I would like also to extend the greetings from our Chairman Omali yeshitela and the central Committee of the African peoples Socialist Party to all of you present in this commemoration.

I would also like to salute the memory of sister Mawusi aka as sister Patricia Chambers.

Colonised people do not die naturally. Colonialism and neo-colonialism are the direct causes of our problems in our entire lives.

We suffer from dispersion, depression, fragmentation, powerlessness, poverty, isolation hunger, malnutrition, loneliness, unemployment, homelessness, imprisonment due to immigration warfare etc… All aspects of our lives are defined by a hostile foreign colonial power and domination over us.

I met sister Mawusi in a PASCF’s meeting I came to   during Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign to the white house.  She was efficient as the chair of the meeting; that was the thing that caught my eye.

I saw her again in one or two other meetings.

I think it is appropriate to salute our comrades, our fighters, our organisers, those who fight for the people even when there is no immediate material benefit for themselves, or even when even they are overwhelmed by colonial problems themselves.

Sister Mawusi was a bright daughter of Africa. She was a fighter for Africa.

Because she refused to compromise with white colonialism, which is the military, economical and political system of exploitation, oppression, degradation and destruction of African peoples lives.

We honour her today because she refused to compromise the future and dignity of the African people.

She refused to be in peace with our oppression and oppressors.

She chose to continue the fight for African National Liberation and African nationhood.

We applaud her for standing firm because as African Internationalists we clearly see the downfall of white power imperialism. Examples abound:

Brexit is not a strength but a weakness.

Islamist attacks are rocking Europe and creating a very sense that European leaders can no longer protect their own population.

Whoever comes to the white house next year, Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump they cannot stop the erosion of the Authority of the U.S president.

The sharp crisis of university fees in UK, , the election of Obama and of  Saddiq Khan,  the British joining the Chinese bank for development despite U.S imperialism asking Britain not to join this Chinese led initiative, the Chinese building of British nuclear power station,

The inability of the west to remove Assad from power, the fall of the pound sterling,

The threat of the collapse of the dollar.

Neo-colonialism is no longer working in Africa; the return of the African masses to political life in the U.S, Congo, and Haiti etc signals the beginning of the end of imperialism.

The fall of the ANC

White power in black face is in agonising death too

Our despair and the despair of the imperialist system reflect our relationship of power, the lack of power for us and the loss of power; they are related and interdependent,

Their loss of power means the oppressed peoples are gaining power.

The parasitic future is no longer certain for imperialist powers and societies.

The suffering and the oppression is no longer certain for people in the Middle East, china, Bolivia etc… This is what we call an uneasy equilibrium. The change in the balance of power in the world.

Sister Mawasi wanted a new World order that is the rise and consolidation of the African Nation.

That is the destruction of the forced relationship between oppressor and oppressed nation that binds us together.

We want the rise of a united Africa and African nation.

We are commemorating the death of a freedom fighter.

We must avenge every freedom fighter! We must increase our capacity, our organisational strength, and influence so we can go on the offensive.

Black human dignity, and honourable black personality and quality of social life for black people are products of a black revolution and power.

Foreign domination is an offense to our pride and honour. This reality is experienced by all masses of African people.

She woke up every morning and witnessed the lies propagated by the imperialist media about the African nation.

Sister Mawasi left us in a critical time characterised by the decline of US power and EU power, and the re-emergence of the African International   liberation movement.

It is our belief that sister Mawusi did not die in vain. We believe that the African nation led by the revolutionary international African working class will complete the black revolution and unite the African nation.

We need power over our lives. We need an organisation that is capable of seizing power.

That is why we are building the African Socialist International all over the world.


We are winning!

Long live sister Mawasi

Long Live African Women Liberation

One Africa! One African Nation!







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