20th anniversary of the Million Man March

Akwaaba Y’all!

The Uhuru Movement just came back from the “No Justice, Or Else” 20th anniversary of the Million Man March—I call it “No Justice, No Else”—that took place on October 10, 2015 in Washington D.C. We are super excited about all the wins we had there.

One of the most exciting wins is that we went to D.C. with the support of the African people!

We raised $2,000 in just six days, thanks to the amazing comrades all over social media sharing our fundraising profile and spreading the word around the world!

Chairman Omali Yeshitela wanted the Uhuru Movement in D.C. to organize and win thousands of Africans to African Internationalism!

There was a sea of Africans out there in Washington, D.C.

Everywhere you looked there were beautiful black faces. It was such an amazing thing for a lot of the comrades to see. Being from Atlanta, it was nothing that special to me, lol.

Our Organization set up in such a strategic way it was impressive to see. We had forces from all over the country there.

Yejide was there representing African National Women’s Organization (ANWO).

Aaron was representing Black is Back Coalition and the demand for Black Community Control of the Police.

Herdosia was there representing for the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM) and the “Africans Charge Genocide” petition InPDUM is taking to the U.N.

The Africans at the “No Justice, No Else” were so captivated and impressed by our movement!

We had a legion of young people from the ages of 15 to 21 raising awareness about our new radio station, Black Power 96.3.

Africans donated hundreds of dollars and signed up to volunteer their time and expertise to the radio station.

We were selling The Burning Spear newspaper like hot cakes! People were swarming and asking questions about our articles, our 14-Point Platform and our writers.

African people saw in our movement, what they didn’t from Farrakhan, a revolutionary trajectory and power being directed towards the African working class.

We actually had one brother in tears when he saw The Burning Spear. He said that The Burning Spear newspaper helped him get through his long years in prison.

“Justice or Else” is still a secret. How can there be an “or else” when you can’t even criticize Barack Obama, the democratic party or the U.S. government?

The panel of speakers was filled with sellout preachers, petty bourgeois politicians, and neocolonialist activists.

No one, including Louis Farrakhan, addressed the violence that the State has been putting on the bodies of African people!

The panel presented Al Sharpton 2.0 in the form of Jamal Bryant and his coon-comrades of preachers and politicians which pinpointed their class interest.

It was astonishing to see that 60 years after Malcolm X’s assassination Farrakhan felt like he had to defend himself about being a part of Malcolm’s murder.

Sixty years later and he still does not have a good excuse or reason for being an instrument in the demise of one of African people’s greatest heroes.

Ten minutes into Louis Farrakhan’s speech and not only was the Uhuru Movement tired of his message, but so were the thousands of Africans.

It was comical to see Africans falling asleep while listening to the go-nowhere speech. Early on, African people could see that this was not the place to get the answers to their questions.

The speech went from a story about how he survived three abortions as a fetus, to him being the chosen one from god to save us, to him even telling African women that they were no good, unless they could cook well.

Saying these things while we had fierce African women comrades like Yejide and Herdosia in the crowd collecting hundreds of signatures, volunteers and new members to our Movement.

Louis Farrakhan had a moment to speak to a million Africans of the diaspora, Africans who have been stripped of their birthright and did not connect the people to Africa and African struggle.

The only way for African people to be free is for Africa to be free.

If you do not put that in the minds of the masses of African people, then you have no real revolutionary trajectory for African people. Therefore, you must not want African people to be free.

There was a point where I couldn’t take anymore and I had to disrupt this meaningless babble!

I grabbed the megaphone and went to work! I did what Chairman Omali Yeshitela taught me to do!

I summed up our relationship with European imperialism. I told African people that we are not “black” we are African. We must fight colonialism­—not racism—because fighting racism is not a fight for power; it’s a fight for acceptance.

I told African people that all these shiny and impressive buildings were not only built by us, but are from the stolen resources of our Africa. So we must organize under African Internationalism and take all of it back to Africa!

I said that no policy or legislation will set us free.

Revolution is the only answer and we can only get there through a revolutionary organization like the Uhuru Movement.

The people swarmed around our table. People started picking up more Spears, signing more petitions and joining our organizations and our Party.

“No Justice, No Else” was a HUGE fail for Farrakhan, but the Uhuru Movement had nothing but WINS that day!

Like it or not, we are the “or else.”

Uhuru! One Nation! One Africa!


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