Zenzele Consignment celebrates 5-year anniversary

What does economic development in the black community truly look like in 2021? Zenzele Consignment can tell you. In 2016, Zenzele Consignment was established to be the primary economic development initiative of the All African People’s Development and Empowerment Project (AAPDEP) which will sustain AAPDEP’s critical programs that build dual and contending power for African communities wherever we are located all over the world.

Zenzele Consignment’s mission is to serve as the cultural, social and economic hub and vehicle for the local and international African (black) community.

In the last five years, Zenzele has provided an economic vehicle through which people can Buy Black Power, organize and consign hand-made original African clothing, accessories, art, small household and personal care products, literature and other genuine African products in an effort to support practical programs that contribute to self-reliance and genuine development in African communities throughout the world.

Store manager, Dr. Aisha Fields, says that “In January we said that year five has to be the year we turn the corner. Year five is our year.” The Steering Committee did just that. It created the plans of action and created the team to make it happen in 2021.

During year five, Zenzele Consignment fully opened back up after being closed for nearly half of 2020 due to the colonial-virus, COVID-19. The management was determined to expand the team this year to carry out the vision.

In addition to the management team of Aisha Fields and Kundai Bajikikayi, Taylor Robinson was brought on as the Sales Associate, and India Sidre was welcomed in as our new Marketing Director.

These two comrades, in addition to the volunteers of Zenzele, have assisted in the recent development of new inventory processes, online shopping networks, online orders, greater social media presence, a new loyalty program, fundraisers and more. Taylor and India also expressed great unity with the building of the Five Year Anniversary Celebration.

The Anniversary Committee was made up by Zenzele staff Taylor and India, Zenzele Manager Dr. Aisha Fields, AAPDEP member Chiwoniso Luzolo, APSP Southern Region Chairperson Kobina Bantushango, Wendy Robinson who served as the Fashion Show Coordinator and Zenzele Consignor Loretta Robinson who served as the Food Coordinator. The committee was led by comrade Kundai Bajikikayi.

Originally planned as an outdoor celebration, it was moved inside of the institution due to rain. No rain, sleet or snow could have stopped the success of this event. The team had a strong will and worked collectively to make set-up adjustments for the event to go on.

On Sunday, October 3 at 4pm, local fitness sensation and Zenzele Volunteer, J’Que Ellis, opened up the event by introducing Grupo Unidade Capoeira Huntsville, a group that practices the African martial arts from Brazil called capoeira.

That exciting performance was followed by a presentation by AAPDEP International Director, Dr. Aisha Fields.

Dr. Fields made a call for the audience to join this movement because it is the building of the Uhuru Movement, founded by African People’s Socialist Party (APSP) Chairman Omali Yeshitela, that will truly give us the capacity to once again be a self-governing people.

Her speech reminded us that as oppressed people we have a responsibility to change our conditions and having 100 different conflicting ideologies can’t take us there. We must become African Internationalists.

Comrade Kundai followed Dr. Field’s presentation with an appreciation for her leadership and for the participation of volunteers, including announcing the award for the Volunteer of the 2nd and 3rd Quarter.

Then the toughest AFA models ripped the runway in the Auction Fashion Show. The Show allowed our shoppers to see how they can style or how a piece is fitted on a person rather than a mannequin.

Throughout the entire event, AAPDEP member Adrian Jennings painted an incredible image of Chairman Omali Yeshitela to be auctioned off to the highest bidder. Once the program was completed, supporters and shoppers were provided the opportunity to experience West African dishes as well as space to socialize and shop the rest of the evening.

The committee summed up the event as successful overall, despite the contradictions. That is what African Internationalist organizing teaches you! It teaches us how to solve problems and how to practically meet goals.

Zenzele Consignment is proud to have locked in this huge milestone as a part of the Uhuru Movement’s economic development history under the leadership of Deputy Chair Ona Zene Yeshitela.

To volunteer or work with Zenzele Consignment call 256-469-8418 or email info@zenzeleconsignment.com. Shop online at ZenzeleConsignment.com or in person by coming to 2205-F University Dr. NW Huntsville, AL 35810


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