Your support for LaVelle Mixon

Ok…Maybe it can be said that LaVelle Mixon reflects the sad state of the black inner-city youth and young adults today. But if a black man can rise to the level of leader of the free world, surely this young man could have made something of himself. But like so many young black men, he chose to pattern himself after the wrong role models in his world. In the black inner-city youth culture it is considered un-cool to talk properly or dress conservatively. From street corner thugs to millionaire rappers, the image that is portrayed is that of an un-employed sloppy dressed loser, The average member of his generation wouldn’t look appropriate in a professional setting. The effects of gangland and penitentiary mentality has a strangle-hold on the the inner-city black community. Maybe this young man came from an unfortunate background and a mis-guided, dysfunctional family. But none of this excuses what he did. Your support of LaVelle Mixon proves, sadly, that you too are a victim of the same cycle of ignorance and stupidity that has for too long defined many black people today. Winners overcome adversity and oppression. Losers succumb. As a black man, I am saddened,appalled and embarrassed by morons like you. Two wrongs don’t make a right. You and LaVelle are both wrong. Snap out of it! Grow up! The law defines insanity as the inability to know right from wrong. You have met that standard.


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