Who are the white Uhuru’s

ST. PETERSBURG, FL—You might have seen some white people at the Uhuru Movement’s events. You might even see them organizing in the white community with The Burning Spear Newspaper. They greet you with “Uhuru!” (which means “freedom” in Swahili) and they believe, like the Uhuru Movement, that African people have a right to liberation, justice, and reparations. 
Who are these white people?
They are the members of the African People’s Solidarity Committee and its mass organization, the Uhuru Solidarity Movement, organizations of white people working under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party.
As a strategic front of the African Liberation Movement, APSC and USM are white organizations deployed by the African People’s Socialist Party (APSP) to bring the struggle for Black Power into the white community.
These are not charity organizations. Their mission, as defined by the African-led Uhuru Movement, is to win reparations to African people from the white community. The APSP formed the solidarity movement based on the understanding that the wealth of Europe, the US and general white world was built on slavery and genocide.
It was the enslavement of Africa and the genocide and theft of land from the Indigenous people that created the pedestal upon which all white people sit, allowing white people to have the highest standard of living while Africans inside the U.S. and around the world catch hell.
The call by the African People’s Socialist Party is not for white people to struggle against “racism,” the ideas in white people’s heads, but to stand in solidarity with struggle of African people against colonialism through reparations.
In 1982 the Party held the first World Tribunal on Reparations to Black People in the U.S. in Brooklyn, New York. The tribunal concluded that 4.1 trillion dollars were owed to African people by the U.S. government for stolen labor alone.
In 2014, the reparations demand has been forced into the mainstream limelight with CARICOM, a coalition of 14 Caribbean countries, issuing a demand for reparations from European colonial powers that have looted the Caribbean for centuries followed by an article called “The Case For Reparations” featured in the cover article on the July issue of Atlantic Magazine.
This July through October, the solidarity forces will be engaged in the Party’s Cadre Intensive and building for the “Days in Solidarity with African People” (DSAP), saturating the white community with literature exposing the conditions of African people and the positive vision of a future without slavery and oppression that can only be achieved through the liberation of the African nation and oppressed nations everywhere.
Building for the DSAP campaign under the theme of “Reparations! There can be no justice without it,” the
Uhuru Solidarity Movement will be knocking on doors, holding outreach tables, and distributing The Burning Spear newspaper, calling on white people to take the pledge of solidarity with African people and their just struggle for national liberation and self-determination.
Build the African People’s Solidarity Committee and the Uhuru Solidarity Movement!
Forward to the Days in Solidarity with African People! Uhuru!


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