White people protest for returning to “normal” colonialism

White people from California to Germany are protesting lockdowns and stay-at-home orders put in place to protect them from the COVID-19 pandemic.

A number of celebrities and politicians have sided with the protestors, from daytime television’s Dr. Phil to U.S. president Donald Trump. Doing this endears them even more to their supporters and constituents who were protesting, many wearing pro-Trump regalia.

While white workers and middle class protest, the white ruling class heads to their bunkers. A Bloomberg article that interviewed ruling class members laid out how they fear more “uprisings against the top one percent” more than they do the virus.

These white protesters, however, are not protesting the status quo. If they were, they would be demanding that the white ruling class pay reparations to African people, who are leading the worldwide movement for true socialism.

What these protesters are fighting for is the right for white people to do whatever we want and to go back to our “normal” lives of living on the backs of African and colonized people for the last 600 years, arrogantly expecting them to serve and meet our needs for us.

White power protests containment from 1918 to 2020

Historians are comparing these protests to those during the flu pandemic of 1918. Their focus is usually when white San Franciscans protested the enforced wearing of masks, even forming an organization called The Anti-Mask League.

These protests resulted in higher death rates in San Francisco, compared to other cities.

According to “Race and 1918 Influenza Pandemic in the United States: A Review of the Literature,” Africans in 1918 were less likely to contract the flu from exposure, but once they caught it they were more likely to die.

This is possibly because in 1918, more African people had their own communities and businesses, separate from white communities. They relied more on their own grocery stores, housing units, etc. Despite being colonized, there was still a sense of self-reliance.

It was in 1918 that African leader and hero Marcus Garvey began publishing the newspaper The Negro World, putting forward his political theory of African Fundamentalism to liberate and create a self-sustaining African Nation.

The Uhuru Movement sums up that, contrary to what white power teaches us in schools, African people were better off back then than now.

Oppression of African people stronger now than ever

More African people are shot in the street or killed through the court and prison system today than were lynched. African people have less economic development now than before.

African people are forced to rely on their oppressor due to white power systematically destroying any semblance of their independence, from destroying thriving African communities in Tulsa, Oklahoma to Rosewood, Florida.

It is us white people who have improved our lot, but on the backs of African and colonized people. We might not be able to get haircuts right now, but we have access to material and social wealth stolen from African people for centuries and ongoing.

The Uhuru Solidarity Movement is the organization of white people formed and led by the African People’s Socialist Party, organizing in our white communities for reparations.

We know that many white people want to hold our white ruling class responsible for the heinous crimes they carry out on a daily basis.

Make Wall Street Pay Reparations

The Uhuru Solidarity Movement is launching a campaign to put pressure on the white ruling class to pay reparations, including the 43,000 CEOs who received $600 billion from the recent CARES Act.

Join the Make Wall Street Pay Reparations campaign and become a member of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement at uhurusolidarity.org.

Unity Through Reparations!



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