U.S. president Barack Obama endorses Hillary Clinton

U.S president Barack Hussein Obama endorsed Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in a web video that Clinton released on her YouTube channel on Thursday, June 9, 2016.

He said in the video “I don’t think there’s ever been someone so qualified to hold this office.”

U.S president Obama says this only eight years after saying Clinton wasn’t right for the position. An Obama campaign ad from 2008 says, “She’ll say anything and change nothing.”

Clinton responded back through Twitter showing her appreciation. She said in an interview with Bloomberg News how they have gone from fierce rivals to good friends.

Obama and other high profile democrats who opposed her in the past, such as his vice president Joe Biden and senator Elizabeth Warren, have now come out to endorse Clinton because imperialism is in clear crisis.

Democratic candidate, Bernie Sanders, has responded to this clear defeat by bowing out of the primary race one hour after meeting with Obama as the endorsement was announced.

He thanked Obama and Biden for withholding their endorsements.

Bernie said he would do everything he could to help Clinton defeat Donald Trump, the Republican nominee, after meeting with Obama the same day of the endorsement. He called a Trump presidency “disastrous.”

Imperialism in crisis

The two party system is unstable with the rise of Donald Trump who has split the Republican party from its white working class base.

Obama’s endorsement is an attempt to keep that from happening among the democrats and those who are tired of capitalist-run politics but are afraid of a Trump presidency.

The African working class is especially targeted by this endorsement because so many were drawn away from Clinton to Bernie Sanders and his phony “revolution.”

Obama acts in the best interest of the white ruling class. He works to preserve their power structure and is in no position to tell African people who should lead them.

He secured his position in the “Big House” by telling us that Hillary was not fit to lead yet now there has “never” been anyone as qualified.

Obama was “white power in blackface” to begin with as Chairman Omali Yeshitela has said numerous times.

No one is fit to lead African working class people but the African working class people. We must stay focused on the struggle for reparations and the end to imperialism.

Forget the Democrats and the Republicans! We are our own liberators!

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