U.S. – Israeli squabble denotes depth of capitalist crisis

Editors Note: “On April 2nd, 2015 it was announced that Iran and the Western capitalist powers had reached a ‘preliminary agreement’ that would be finalized in late June.
According to the New York Times, “it would roll back Iran’s nuclear program sufficiently so that Iran could not quickly produce a nuclear weapon….
In return, the United States, the European Union and the United Nations would lift sanctions crippling Iran’s economy, though the timing of such a move is yet another uncertainty.”
Netanyahu and the Republican sectors of U.S. white power continued to express panic and dismay over this agreement because the crisis-ridden imperialists did not succeed in completely prohibiting Iran’s right to enrich uranium on its own territory.
African Internationalists understand that Iran has a right to develop nuclear power for whatever purposes it deems necessary and the pack of colonial thugs behind this nuclear framework have no right to place any limitations on the Iranian people’s self-determination.
When the just struggle against U.S. imperialism and the illegitimate colonial settler state of Israel is victorious, it will be the Iranian people who will have the final say on how to develop their own resources.”
“The crisis of imperialism is deepening before our eyes,” wrote Chairman of the African People’s Socialist Party, OmaliYeshitela, in his 2013 publication, “An Uneasy Equilibrium: The African Revolution versus Parasitic Capitalism.”
One cannot help but think of the Chairman’s words when looking at the screaming headlines in the bourgeois media about Israel, Iran, nuclear weapons, the so-called Islamic State and the threat of “terrorism.”
In the past month, inter-imperialist disagreement over the situation in the Middle East has shredded the U.S. white ruling class into warring factions.
Bourgeois news anchors sweat buckets while the two main imperialist parties, Democrats and Republicans, wrestle for control in an unprecedented display of raw hostility.
On March 3rd, Benjamin Netanyahu, the brutal Israeli prime minister despised by Arabs and other peoples around the world, traveled to the U.S. to speak before Congress.
The Israeli tyrant was invited by the Republicans to speak before Congress, unbeknownst to the sitting U.S. president.
When Netanyahu took the podium and aimed his ire at Obama, the figurehead of the world’s leading imperialist government, every talking head in the white media was at a loss for words on how to explain this system meltdown.
“Each day that passes,” the Chairman told us, “exposes the stench and rot of this dying social system.”
In his speech to Congress, Netanyahu criticized Obama for talks of negotiating with the Islamic Republic of Iran on its development of nuclear capacity.
The United States and five other capitalist governments have been struggling to reach a consensus on the so-called ‘nuclear pact’ with Iran.
The “pact” devised by the imperialists would lift sanctions that have been inflicting damage on Iran’s economy if the Iranian government agrees to restrictions on its capacity for nuclear weapons development.
This phony “pact” must be understood as yet another effort by the U.S. and European imperialists, terrorist thugs armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons, to tie a noose around the necks of the Iranian people whose resistance to U.S. domination since 1979 has been a significant factor contributing to the weakening of U.S. world hegemony.
As the Chairman wrote: “For nearly a decade, the U.S. has been threatening overt war against the government of Iran.
“Simultaneously, it has bombarded Iran with undeclared, low intensity warfare, including economic starvation, U.S. and Israeli cyber warfare, sabotage and assassinations and kidnappings of Iranian scientists associated with the country’s development of its nuclear capacity.”
In the intensifying climate of imperialist instability and uncertainty, the March 2015 nuclear talks have fractured the unity not just between the U.S. and Israel, but also between the major white European powers as well.
U.S. secretary of state John Kerry’s rush to complete the deal by month’s end have been criticized by French ambassador Gerard Araud in a public row described by The Los Angeles Times as a “rare hint of division between Western governments.” 
“Palestine and Iran,” explained the Chairman in “An Uneasy Equilibrium,” “contribute to the instability of imperialist–especially U.S.–hegemony in the region.
“These places and others must be understood in the context of the vortex of a region undergoing the tremendous and–for liberals–unsettling and abrupt changes that accompany the weakening of a defining political and economic power such as the U.S. and its junior imperialist partners.”
On March 20th, on the first day of Nowruz, the Iranian New Year, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei delivered a speech criticizing Obama for being “dishonest” and “trying to turn the people against the government [of Iran].” 
Khamenei demanded that the U.S. end the sanctions immediately as a precondition for further negotiations, while the audience of Iranians chanted “Death to America!”
The righteous sentiments of the Iranian people are echoed by the people of Venezuela who are taking to the streets by the thousands under the banner of “Yankees Go Home” in response to the tightening of U.S.-imposed sanctions against the Maduro government.
Imperialism’s monopoly on violence challenged 
Netanyahu’s chastisement of the Iranians belies his steadfast belief that nuclear power is the domain of white people and white people only.
It is no secret that the terrorist state of Israel possesses nuclear weaponry, and they have given sinister hints to Arabs for decades that they would not hesitate to inflict nuclear genocide upon them.
When America or Israel wax poetic about “peace” and “nuclear disarmament,” no doubt the world’s peoples balk in revulsion.
It was not Iran who obliterated the people of Nagasaki and Hiroshima with the atomic bomb; it was the United States of America.
It was not the Islamic Republic of Iran who dropped white phosphorous on children in the Gaza Strip; it was the Jewish State of Israel.
It was not Iranian president Rouhani who killed 2,200 Palestinians last July, 30 percent of whom where children and babies; it was Benjamin Netanyahu, the butcher.
Only white power led governments have ever used nuclear weapons against another nation.
The U.S. and Israeli anxiety over Iran’s, North Korea’s or any other nation’s right to possess nuclear weapons is a desperate and vicious effort by white power to maintain its monopoly on violence.
Crisis explodes in the heart of imperialism 
The Democrats and Republicans often battle over domestic issues, but there is one area in which they have historically stood together, and that’s “foreign policy.”
In the past, when it came to defending white power from the “dirty Arabs” or any other of “America’s enemies,” the imperialists were united. Those days are over.
Even chess-master imperialists, geopolitical strategists like Zbigniew Brzezinski have described this as “the end of times” for Western imperialism, in which an unforeseen factor—the “global political awakening” of the colonized masses from Gaza to Ferguson—has irreversibly altered the contours of global power.
The parasitic economic base of the capitalist social systemis being busted apart by the fists, bombs, and gunfire of the oppressed and colonized peoples of the world.
As the Chairman writes;, “This is why our responsibility continues to be to expose and exploit the contradictions driving imperialism’s attempts to rescue itself from crisis.
“We continue to organize the African working class while supporting the workers of all countries who will be awakening and achieving organizational strength and traction as the contradictions continue to unfurl and our Party continues to provide analysis and leadership.”
Death to imperialism!
All power to the people!
Black Power to the African community!
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