United African Liberation Day 2016: Building Unity in Struggle!

WASHINGTON DC—African Liberation Day (ALD) will take place under the theme “Building Unity in Struggle” at Howard University, Washington DC on May 21, 2016.

The total liberation of Africa has not been achieved but when the first ALD was held on May 21, 1972, freedom struggles were being waged all across the Continent.

Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah who became the president of Ghana in 1958, was the founder of African Liberation Day. Nkrumah was serious about unifying Africa but he was over thrown by neocolonialists.

Today, African resistance has been rekindled by the courageous working class of Ferguson MO. after Mike Brown was murdered by arm of the State, Darren Wilson. The Baltimore uprising by African people after Freddie Gray was brutally arrested and succumbed to his injuries, kept the fire of resistance burning.

Neocolonialism exists when the oppressor can no longer function out right. The oppressor uses forces that look like the oppressed to maintain its colonialist oppression.

Neocolonialists are committed to keeping African people away from their liberation.

Aaron O’Neal, Northeast regional leader of the African People’s Socialist Party, states, “We call on all who are committed to self-determination for our people to make the demand that ‘Black Power Matters’ and unite for self-determination and resistance. This is a call to participate in the resurgence of the African Liberation struggle through African Liberation Day 2016 “

Black Power Matters!

In previous years, ALD has been celebrated by different groups and individuals in isolation. This year, the objective of African Liberation Day is to bring out every sector of the African community to come to the realization that we must be a self-determining people.

O’Neal maintains that, “We must raise up the slogan that “Black Power Matters”, we are killed in the streets because we are not self-determined and do not have power over our own lives.”

Sectarianism has splintered different African Liberation organizations from having a unified ALD. 2016 African Liberation Day, gives African people the opportunity to seize the time in this most important period.

“The African community is being pulled into reformism and passivity by varying of interest from the Democratic Party led by U.S president Barack Obama who wants to pass the imperial torch to Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, all of whom do not support self-determination for African people,” says O’Neal. 

To see the end of colonial rule was the purpose for the first African Liberation Day. In 2016 it will be a celebration that continues the struggle for our people who have been dispersed all over the world by imperialism and colonialism.

Once again, we will be a unified African people clear on what it will take to win our total liberation and compete the Black liberation of the ‘60s.

Join the call to build African Liberation Day 2016!

Email us at northeast@apspuhuru.org!

Visit ALDuhuru.org!



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