Union del Barrio speaks for the Mexican front of the struggle against U.S. settler colonialism, in solidarity with the African Revolution

Adrianna Jasso of Union del Barrio speaks at the Black People’s March in L.A., Nov. 4, 2023.

We’ve heard Chairman Omali Yeshitela say that the colonial question is what’s going to bring us to liberation. We know that people in South Africa had a gathering like this one. And we stand here in solidarity, unconditional solidarity, with the anti-colonial struggle that the Uhuru Movement has put up for more than 50 years.

And before the brothers and sisters of the Uhuru Movement, there were others who came before them and who fought the colonial State. And that is the responsibility that we have, brothers and sisters.

I’m here to say that the anti-colonial, anti-imperialist question is the fight toward liberation. That anytime we see colonialism in action, we have a responsibility to fight back, and we have a responsibility to be a strong revolutionary–and serious with struggle. What we see in Palestine today, the genocide, the sick savage genocide of Israel against Palestinian people is shameful. And all of us have a responsibility to come out and say that we denounce colonialism anywhere. And if colonialism is seeking to put away our brother Omali Yeshitela, we have a responsibility to fight back and say ‘Hell no, he won’t go!’

We are committed to the revolutionary path. The African People’s Socialist Party has fought so deeply, the unconditional, tireless struggle to free the African People here and anywhere on the planet. We have a responsibility compañeros y compañeras to stand, to fight back, and to always say that anywhere we see the State or colonial powers oppressing, repressing, violating the fundamental rights to exist and resist.

On behalf of Union Del Barrio, we stand with and respect the Uhuru. To compañera Penny, and brother Omali Yeshitela and Jesse, they know that we are with them. They know that we will stand there and that we will be there and say ‘drop the charges on the Uhuru 3!’

Hands Off Omali Yeshitela! Hands Off Penny Hess! And Hands Off Jesse Nevel! We are here to stand with you, we will fight!

If you don’t belong to a political organization, today is your day. Today is your day to find out who you identify with. Who do you think is thinking and working for real? Who is able and willing to put down a real serious agenda of revolutionary liberation? To say, no more against their people. No more against their community. Who is willing to carry out the incredible sacrifice to say that we will be free–the oppressed people from Africa to Alaska, from Chile to Mexico, to every community in the U.S.

We will be free and we will build socialism because that is the path to liberation, brothers and sisters.

Thank you!


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