UN environmental summit in Paris convenes in a climate of repression; maintains status quo of colonial exploitation!

PARIS–The December 2015 UN-sponsored climate change summit in Paris occurred in a political climate of intense repression by the French government, with a ban on public protests and over 30,000 police and 285 security checkpoints deployed across the country until the end of the conference. 

The stated objective of the summit was to achieve a legally binding agreement on climate among the capitalist nations of the world to be implemented by 2020.

The result of the agreement would be to keep temperatures from rising 3.6°F or 2°C, the temperature scientists have identified as the threshold for some catastrophic effects of climate change.” by 2100.

The leading countries involved in the summit are the top polluters of the planet including the U.S. and Canada. The conference itself was sponsored by an array of parasitic energy corporations including Engie (formerly GDF Suez), Suez Environment, a banking conglomerate, BNP Paribas and French utility Électricité de France (EDF).

The summit was not a genuine dialogue on resolving climate change. It was a business meeting for green capitalist companies seeking to extend the lifespan of capitalism which is currently wracked by crisis. 

According to Corporate Accountability International, the policy debate [at the Paris summit] revolves around incumbent energy producers as ‘gatekeepers for innovation,promising a win-win for business and environment: market-based solutions that fit the mechanics of capitalist production.


On the same weekend, the summit began in Paris, African, Arab and Indigenous people organized an anti-colonial contingent called The Wretched of the Earth bloc."

Their objective was to interrupt the liberal environmentalist politic of a climate change demonstration of 50,000 people in London, England and express their anti-colonial message.

In an interview with The Burning Spear newspaper, Awqa Yayra Colque, a London-based Indigenous activist, said: The climate change talks in Paris will not make a difference to those of us who live under colonialist power structures.

While they talk about stopping climate change, we demand the end to the climate injustice that is being carried out by Europe and her colonies through the looting of our land and the exploitation of our people.

Awqa reported that the white liberal organizers of the demo tried to control the message by covering up one of the Wretched of the Earth contingents placards that read, "British imperialism causes climate injustice.

The parasitic birth of the capitalist mode of production, originating in the European enslavement of African people and the genocidal mass murder of the Indigenous people of the Americas, involved a profound assault on the natural environment by Europeans for the purpose of extracting wealth.

Oil spills, global warming, toxic waste and other poisons that contaminate the air and the earth are all by-products of parasitic capitalism no matter on the planet this destruction is to be found.

Down with parasitic capitalism!


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