UK elections a contest between rulers for control of white people’s State

LONDON, UK—Weeks of speculation of a neck-and-neck, hung parliament and an impossibility of an overall majority by a single party in the British elections have finally passed.

David Cameron, the Tory leader has won this 2015 election with 319 seats, which means he does not need a coalition government; he is now his own man, as some media put it.

While David Cameron and his conservative party are celebrating this victory, long term thinkers of the British ruling class establishment know too well that they have cause for concern.

This election exposed to millions of British voters that their system is a fraud.

Europeans and Africans do not understand the source and nature of the rot in the same way. 
We see the world from the viewpoint of the African experience and Europeans see it in another way.

White people are upset by the inability of the system to satisfy their needs and aspirations the way it has in the past.

Many of the young people are priced out of the property market, immigration of non-white people is denounced every day in the most rabid way and Britain’s inability to dominate Europe is expressed through its frequent confrontation with the European Union, which is dominated by Germany.

The criticism of the British establishment focuses on immigrants and the European Union and the election offers a widening of aspects of superstructures ripe for criticism.

Nigel Farage, the leader of the newly emerged white nationalist United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), summed it up in with these words: “We‘ve got a party who got 50 percent of the vote in one of the regions and ended up with almost 100 percent of the seats. The time has come for real, genuine and radical reform and UKIP will lead it.”

Proportional representation is reform of imperialism

We recognize that the past post was unfair partly due to a fraudulent electoral system with the understanding that the primary problem is the system itself, which requires slavery, colonialism and neocolonialism in order to exist.

The call for a proportional representation is a call to reform the status quo, a call to make the system better for the ruling class to use at the expense of our freedom and future.

The idea promoted by the white left that the labour party did not win because they were not left wing enough is ridiculous.

The number of people who voted for Cameron is almost equal to the number of people who abstained and almost 64 percent of the vote was cast against David Cameron.

The absence of a revolutionary platform allows white people to vote the way they voted. 
Despite the austerity unleashed by the Tory government, there has not been any viable anti-imperialist alternative.

The white left in this country has always been an appendix of the labour party and other imperialist parties before the emergence of the labour party.

Farage’s disgust is highlighted by the discrepancy between the votes received and the number of the seats won.

David Cameron’s party with 36.9 percent of the votes, ended up with 331 seats in the British parliament in London, while Farage’s UKIP, with 12.6 percent obtained one meager seat.

The fact that the Scottish nationalist party (SNP), which won 56 out of 59 seats in Scotland, only received 4.7 percent of British votes, reveals the “uneasy equilibrium” in the British Society today.

Crisis is now the norm. No matter what they do, things will never again return to colonial normality.

For SNP, this victory is a new development. They have become the largest party in Scotland and they have begun the marginalization and decline of the labour party in Scotland.

The labour party moved down from 41 seats to one seat, and the liberal democrats, from 10 to one seat. One consolatory note, the conservatives retained their one seat in Scotland.

In September of last year, the SNP lost the referendum for independence of Scotland by a vote of 45 to 55.

For many, the victory of SNP is evidence of the inevitable break up of the UK.

Revolution to destroy parasitic capitalism is the starting point for fairness in British society

This election confirms that elections are not about considering the voice of the people.

The British electoral process is designed to keep power in the hands of the ruling English establishment.

The Scottish ruling class is fighting for the redistribution of power within parasitic capitalism.

Africans in the UK, however, will not overturn our oppression with elections.

Revolution is the only road to genuine social justice and human dignity.

We have to deepen the understanding of this crisis for everyone, Africans and Europeans alike.

The struggle for Scottish independence is just another struggle for white rights at the expense of colonized peoples.

A Scottish independence struggle that does not aim to destroy the relationship between oppressor nations and oppressed nations is an opportunistic part of the status quo.

That is why we stated in The Burning Spear newspaper in January 2015 that “A better life for all must begin with white solidarity with African people and all colonized peoples and the destruction of the pedestal of parasitic capitalism.”

We—perhaps more especially people indigenous to America, New Zealand, or Australia—should see the English, Dutch, French, Spanish and the rest of white people who came there as invaders, settlers, colonizers, looters and murderers.

Any elections amongst these invaders are a consolidation of the assault on the land and lives of the indigenous peoples.

Elections are not a process to deliver justice to Indigenous people in North America or elsewhere, nor are the elections in the UK a process to deliver social justice to oppressed African people.

All of the discussions and debates initiated by the African petty bourgeoisie for black votes were self-serving operations to keep us hooked to the labour party and secure votes for them and for their African lackeys.

White people do not look at the foundation of this parasitic capitalism. They only question its superstructures or its consciousness: its laws, its elections, games, education system, etc.

Capitalism at its foundation is rotten, not just its superstructures.

Its pedestal, its base, its beginning, is irreversibly and irreparably rotten.

Chairman Omali Yeshitela has said a thousand times that elections are simply a non-violent contest between factions of the ruling class for the State power needed to control or govern their nation states which depend on parasitic capitalism, the worldwide economic relationship between oppressor nations and oppressed nations.

Genuine democracy begins with self-determination for Africans and all oppressed nations on this planet.

This requires the defeat and end of imperialist democracies, based on oppression and genocide.


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