Uhuru Radio Builds Dual Institution! The Future Looks Black!

Breaking News! There is a war going on, a media war! 

In the year 2011, U.S. Communications and Media Corporations spent 1.12 trillion dollars to manipulate and control the thinking, behavior and spending habits of both you and your children. 
How exactly is this done, you ask? 
Here are a few of the obvious ways: TV commercials, radio, videos, magazine ads, reality shows, talk shows, and banner ads in your emails.
Now, here are two ways that are not so obvious: deceptive propaganda disguised as education and of course your local and national “trusted” news outlets.
At Uhuru Radio, we know and understand that we will not be able to outspend the white ruling class media outlets/corporations. 
But we also know that we have truth, revolutionary organization, and history on our side, in addition to the vast majority of the peoples on the planet.
The oppressed must always make use of what is available to us at any given time, and create what we need to forward the revolution to victory. We have and we will develop Uhuru Radio into a mighty weapon in the hands of the oppressed.
One lesson our children never learn in school is how colonizing nations, such as the U.S. or Britain, in their attempt to proactively suppress any and all resistance from the colonized masses, quickly establishes the repressive apparatus known as the State. 
This includes the judicial system, military, police, etc. 
One function of the State is to continuously disseminate propaganda that keeps the colonized masses confused yet comfortable in their own oppression. 
This is routinely accomplished through the arms of the State know as Communications and Education, which includes TV, print, radio and school curriculum.   
Perhaps you remember those frustrating middle school lessons or how the media currently seems to always highlight the negative elements of the African  community, culture and history, breeding contempt for your own kind, while simultaneously feeding you disinformation intended to solidify your loyalty and patriotism towards a country and people that have consistently and persistently abused you.
Maybe you’ve asked yourself the question, why, in light of the obvious contradictions, misinformation, negative imagery, wasteful spending, etc, do we allow others to use media to influence us so effectively?  
I would like to offer a couple of suggestions, also directly related to the 1.12 trillion mentioned above, regarding quality and creativity of presentation. 
Start paying attention to the quality of the recording, artwork and video of the top selling gangsta rappers and you won’t have to guess one way these corporations are attracting millions of our children as followers and willing participants in their own self destruction.   
Quite frankly, if we as revolutionaries expect to compete for the hearts and minds of our beautiful people, winning them back into revolutionary consciousness, we must embrace self=criticism, and make the necessary changes in order to step up our game in the area of quality and creative presentation. 
Now, let me be proactive here and say that in this current age of visual technology, great content should always be introduced with great presentation.  
Uhuru Radio, The Online Voice of the African Revolution, has never lacked in solid, informative and trusted content.
And be certain that Uhuru Radio will continue to provide an uncompromising revolutionary analysis based on African Internationalism; however we have embraced self criticism in the area of quality and creative presentation.
Our responsibility here is to build a dual and contending media. 
As the media of the white ruling class is falling apart, ours is solidifying and rising up.  
We understand that making necessary changes is a giant step towards the total liberation of Africa and African people.  
Changes to expect with Uhuru Radio include new equipment, programming, music, look and sound. 
We intend to be more reflective of the entirety of our community. 
Not only will Uhuru Radio be your number one source for trusted political analysis, but also for your health, wellness, family, economic, culture and lifestyle concerns. We will also implement a Sports Show which will deal with sports and capitalism.
And trust us when we say the music will be blazin’!  
So get ready for the all new Uhuru Radio coming your way in the first quarter of 2013. 
If you are interested in being a part of this revolutionary process, be it in sales, promotions, journalism, DJing, or as a financial contributor, please contact us at dj@uhururadio.com or 727-565-1599.
And remember that we can not do it without you, the people! Uhuru!  
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