The OTHER 4th of July: Celebrate the struggle for African and Indigenous independence!

July 4th, known by the U.S. imperialists as “Independence Day,” is a celebration of genocide and slavery, and a day that established the ongoing system of parasitic capitalism and imperialism.
500 years of genocide and suffering at the hands of U.S. and European imperialists must end!
We call on you this July 4th to celebrate the liberation and independence of African and Indigenous people. We demand reparations for the African community and we support their right to resist! It is not enough to say “no more war” or “peace,” but instead victory to African people! Victory to Native people! Victory to Mexican people!
Take the Pledge of Solidarity this July 4th to say “I do not support the celebration of Imperialism; I unite with African and oppressed peoples in their struggle for independence and liberation.” Your stance provides a real way to overturn the parasitic relationship with African people and returns stolen resources to the African community, providing for real economic development, in their terms.
If you’re in St.Petersburg, FL, join Uhuru Solidarity Movement organizers & supporters at a social potluck brunch fundraiser, “Solidarity with African and Indigenous Independence” at 10AM at Crescent Lake Park; click here for more info.
Here’s some history on the OTHER July 4th:


July 4, 1187: The Muslim resistance fighter Saladin defeats the crusader Guy of Lusignan in the Battle of Hattin.

July 4, 1910: African boxer Jack Johnson knocks out the white boxer Jim Jeffries in a heavyweight boxing match sparking “race riots” across the U.S.

July 4, 1918: The Bolsheviks kill Tsar Nicholas II of Russia.

July 4, 1946: After 381 years of continuous colonial rule by various powers, the Philippines attains nominal independence from the United States.


July 4, 1962: Algerians rejoice in independence after a hundred years of French colonial occupation.

July 4, 1978: National Committee to Defend Dessie Woods leads two national demonstrations. Collectively known as the July 4th Movement to Free Dessie Woods, the demonstrations held in San Francisco, California and Plains, Georgia raised the slogan “Free Dessie Woods! Smash Colonial Violence!”
Happy OTHER 4th of July.
Victory to the resistance of African, Indigenous, Arab, and other colonized peoples!


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