The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and the U.S. return to Iraq

LONDON–The U.S. inability to impose war on Iran and bomb Syria was a serious setback of the U.S. proxy-war strategy to dominate the Middle East.
The Syrian regime of Bachar Assad has survived and is even pushing back U.S. proxy forces.
It is this inability to win in Syria that forced the U.S. and its allies to concentrate on Iraq, where the government of Maliki has been unwilling to share power with Iraqi Sunnis, forcing many former Saddam Hussein Baathist Party forces to cement an alliance with Jihadist forces and create a crisis which threatens the unity and existence of Iraq as we know it.
ISIS in Iraq are the same forces, which have been armed by U.S., French and British imperialists and funded by Saudi Arabia and the rest of the so-called Gulf States to destroy the regime of Bachar Assad.                                                                                                                                          
The sudden collapse of the Iraqi army under Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) offensive took the world by surprise. ISIS forces control vast portions of Iraqi territory stretching up to Syria.
In the most recent history following the U.S. government’s humiliating defeat in Vietnam, it has invested in proxy wars in order to avoid white casualties that contribute to antiwar sentiments among whites in the U.S.
From the war against the Soviet Union forces in Afghanistan in the 1980s, the Jihadists have been the foot soldiers in the service of U.S. imperialism in the region. They succeeded in Libya, but they failed to unseat Bachar Assad in Syria.
Kurdish forces are the other forces which are beneficiaries of the collapse of the Iraqi army. They are doing everything they can with the support of imperialism to break away from Iraqi central government authority.
The strategy of splitting Iraq into Sunni, Shia and Kurds is consistent with the counterinsurgency tactic of divide and rule. In the case of Iraq it is a fallback strategy that has resulted in the inability to secure Iraq under the presidency of Maliki, a representative of the Shia sect that facilitated the U.S. invasion to unseat Saddam Hussein.
The tactical alliance between Iran and the U.S. against ISIS will not change the U.S. policy of war and aggression in the region.
The Iran leadership is caught between the necessity to protect its nuclear energy development, establishing its regional power credentials and prevent U.S. aggression.
The U.S. always intervenes according to its own interests. The domination of the Middle East energy resources remains its long-term goal.
Balkanisation and fragmentation of Iraq favors both the U.S. and ISIS. The latter is no anti-imperialist force!
They were silent during the Israeli aggression of Gaza. There was no obvious solidarity with the Palestinian resistance from ISIS.
The U.S. demanded the resignation of Maliki and the Iranian leaders and Iraqi Shi’ite religious authorities withdrew their support for Maliki, leaving him isolated throughout Iraq and in the region.
After threatening to resist removal with armed force Maliki finally handed in his resignation as prime minister.
In any case, the newly appointed prime minister, Haider al-Abadi, a member of Maliki’s own Shi’ite Da’wa party, which represents the Iraqi Shia petty bourgeoisie, cannot represent the interests of the Iraqi workers, who need revolution throughout the Middle East to kick out U.S. imperialism alongside the illegitimate white settler Zionist State of Israel.
Afghan resistance forces shoot a two-star U.S. general
The assassination of Harold J. Greene, a two-star U.S. major general in Afghanistan brought the NATO command and their forces to the edge. A German brigadier general was also killed in this attack by the Afghan resistance.
The commander of Coalition Forces ordered all foreign advisers and trainers out of Afghan government ministries and back to their bases.
The contribution of the people of Afghanistan to the worldwide struggle of the oppressed people is eloquent; they have killed 2300 American soldiers since the invasion of Afghanistan.
It is clear that many in Afghanistan have long understood that between freedom and slavery there is no compromise.
The resistance of Afghan people against the U.S. echoes the winning resistance of Palestinian people against the Israeli settler State.
This shooting prevented the U.S. from dominating Afghanistan with the propaganda of corrupted electoral politics.
Whoever wins the election, be it Abdullah Abdullah or Ashraf Ghani, it is a petty bourgeois victory. The people of Afghanistan need a genuine socialist revolution.
In solidarity with the people of Afghanistan!
U.S. out of Afghanistan! AFRICOM out of Africa!


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