The fall of traditional parties in Europe: The case of Italy and Austria

LONDON—Europe has entered a period of turbulence that produces uncertainty in many ways. The white population is concerned that uncertainty has become the norm.

Every election seems to throw a dismal outcome for the traditional parties and their rulers, despite the huge back up and fanciful predictions they get from their bourgeois mainstream press at the service of the capitalist class.

Italy’s recent elections on Sunday, December 4, 2016 added fuel to the growing crisis in Europe, where the mainstream parties and their leaders were successfully challenged by new political forces. 

Matteo Renzi, the flamboyant Democratic party prime minister, lost the constitutional referendum to the Five Star Movement and the Northern League by a margin of 59 to 41, forcing him to resign as the prime minister of Italy.

According to a December 4, 2016 article in the Independent, “The Prime Minister proposes streamlining Italy’s government—long considered gridlocked with bureaucracy—including slashing the size of the senate from 315 members to 100.”  

“Mr Renzi’s reform would have tipped the balance of power towards the Chamber of Deputies—Italy’s equivalent of the House of Commons,” according to a December 5 article in Express.

This would have ended the power of the senate to bring down the prime minister. At present, the chamber of deputies and the senate have the same power. Basically, Matteo Renzi wants more power to enforce the policies of the EU ruling class to which the Italian ruling class is aligned.

CNBC quotes Larissa Brunner of Oxford Analytica on the referendum: “(In the context of Europe), if Renzi wins then he may well become more confrontational and stretch EU deficit laws even further while pursuing a more expansionary monetary policy which could be interesting but if he loses…well, it’s anyone’s guess.”

The same CNBC gives the material basis of what is at stake in the short term in a November 30 article:

“The third-largest eurozone economy had been weakened by a deep recession which left behind 356 billion euros ($377 billion) in gross problem loans and Italian banks need at least 20 billion euros in capital in the coming months to cover losses from fresh loan write-downs and planned bad debt disposals, according to a Reuters report.”

Italy is significant to the European Union in historical terms. It shares with Greece the privilege of being ancient to the rest of European societies. It is the evidence of what they achieved in the past that shows them what they can do.

Rome, the capital of Italy, is where the European Union was launched in 1957 by what is known today as the Treaty of Rome.

The Italian population has been alongside the French, Germans, Belgians and Dutch as the greatest believers in the European imperialist unity project known as the European Union.

Their rejection of Renzi, a Europhile, and their vote for the Five Star Movement and the Northern League is a rejection of the European project that does not satisfy their petty bourgeois needs and aspirations.

Defeat of Renzi increases pressure on Euro currency

The beneficiaries of this defeat are the anti-euro Five Star Movement and the anti-immigration Northern League. They are seen as a threat to the existence of the EU because they are respectively vehemently opposed to the euro—the single monetary currency of EU—and to the borderless European Union.

The imperialist media are referring to them as the “populist” parties. The rise of the Five Star Movement is such that, according to the December 5 Guardian newspaper, “The party is now the second most powerful force in Italy behind Renzi’s diminished Democratic party.”

The crisis of the Italian economy as compared to Greece’s crisis is enormous. It is something that will bring the EU construction down.

Financial Times reported that Italy had lost at least 25 percent of its industrial production since the financial crisis of 2008. It also stated that youth unemployment in Italy stands at almost 40 percent.

Any worsening of the financial crisis will threaten the very existence of Italian banking itself. At its center is the loss of Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena.

According to, Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena is “the oldest bank in the world still in operation since its origin” and “one of the largest banks in Italy, with approximately 30,000 employees and 4.5 million customers. Its reach extends beyond the Italian borders as well, with several international branches in operation throughout Europe and in the United States, China, Russia and India.” 

However, a recent European-wide bank stress test conducted by the European Banking Authority revealed the dire straight situation of Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena. 

According to a July 29 article in The Guardian, “The much-anticipated result of the stress tests—for which there was no pass or fail mark—of 51 banks showed that Italy’s third largest bank emerged weakest from the assessment.”

White rulers cannot sleep at ease at night because they know of the interconnection of this crisis of imperialism.

The Royal Bank of Scotland, Spain’s Banco Popular, Bank of Ireland and Austria’s Raiffeisen are also in the league of banks with the potential of collapse should they be confronted with a new economic strain. No country is immune to the coming crisis.

Immigration of Africans to Italy reflect the theft by Italians of Africans resources

Italy’s proximity to Africa means that many Africans and others refugees fleeing wars in Libya and Mali and economic nightmares initiated by white imperialists throughout Africa are there.

Since the French, British, Dutch and Germans have made it almost impossible to legally travel to Europe, most Africans are more likely to transit through North Africa to get to Europe.

Italy has become the focal point of such immigration.

Since last year, some 300,000 immigrants who survived the genocidal consequences of western imperialist engineered wars, lootings, starvation and domination of Africa traveled to Europe at our peril.

We traveled on dingy boats, old and cram packed, outdated boats, that some people call floating coffins.

After having gone through all kinds of obstacles and surviving the control and harassment by all kinds of exploitative and repressive forces, we secured our passage to Europe with the hope of a better life in Europe that we have seen on television, social media and magazines.

In 2015 alone, some 3,500 mostly Africans have died in this process. This year, the number of African lives lost to the sea has already surpassed 2,000.

Italians, like most Europeans who are against immigration of colonized peoples, are hypocrites. Italy gets its oil and minerals needed by its industries mostly from Africa.

Massive African immigration into Europe is not a result of the absence of Gaddafi’s immigration patrol and nor is it the fault of smugglers who are making money off African immigrants.

The root of the immigration issue is in the theft of African resources and labor by parasitic capitalists and their African petty bourgeoisie collaborators in power in Africa.

To end the immigration crisis is to end the parasitical relationship between Europe and Africa and to establish white solidarity with Africa in terms of reparations.

This would most importantly be in the form of political solidarity with the African Socialist International to speed up the revolutionary work that will consolidate the unification and consolidation of the African Nation.

The anti-establishment vote is white opportunism. It does not recognize the colonial question as the central point of the crisis.

Loyalty to anti-imperialist struggle in the form of solidarity with Black Power is the correct line.

We are opposed to winning white people to anti-African and anti-colonized peoples stances in general. The problem is white parasitic capitalist power.

Genuine struggle against immigration is solidarity with the oppressed African Nation!

Call for a day of solidarity with Africa in Italy under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party!

White people re-join humanity! Build solidarity with struggle for African self-determination!


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