The crisis of British Imperialism manifests itself in many ways

LONDON–The crisis of parasitic capital­ism in Europe continues as many of its citizens are experiencing a sharp decline in their living stan­dards with no end in sight.
Not a single day goes by with­out a frantic announcement of new government measures to de­lay their downward spiral to bank­ruptcy.
As many of our readers may know, since the 2008 near finan­cial meltdown, financial uncertain­ty and insecurity have become the norm for many people in Europe.
People are worried about their jobs, mortgages, high cost of food and so on. These worries are compounded by the fact that the ruling class is nowhere near to solving those problems.
This is one of the main rea­sons that white people are turn­ing their backs on traditional white nationalist parties for new white nationalist parties.
The crushing defeat of the co­alition parties in power in Britain in the May 2014 European elections are all symptoms of a system that is deeply dysfunctional, has lost its dynamics and has reached a low point from which it cannot re­cover.
There is no possibility of it go­ing back to the old colonial days when “the sun never set on the British empire.”
Here is how that election tal­lied up.
The Conservative Party won 23.9 percent of the votes and the Liberal Democratic parties won 6.87 percent, whereas the UK In­dependence Party (UKIP), led by Nigel Farage, came in first with 27 percent.
They were followed by the La­bour Party with 25.4 percent.
There is no doubt that UKIP’s win over the traditional parties sent shockwaves through the Brit­ish establishment.
This crisis of traditional white ruling parties is not restricted to Britain. The same crisis is occurring elsewhere in Europe.
In France, for example, dur­ing the same European elections which shook Britain, the “Front National” of Marine le Pen won 24 Seats with 24.85 percent of votes, followed by the Conserva­tive Party of the infamous Nicolas Sarkozy with 20 seats and 20.8 percent.
The Socialist Party of French president François Hollande came in third, winning 13 seats with 13.98 percent of the votes.
Imperialism can’t solve crisis at our expense this time
We, as African International­ists, are telling the whole world that this time, bourgeois white power will not solve this crisis at our expense.
They will not bomb their way out of this crisis at our expense. The government in the UK is moving from crisis to crisis.
In June of this year, David Cameron, despite bombastic statements in opposition to An­gela Merkel’s choice of Jean Claude Juncker as the president of the European Commission, had to swallow his British pride as he failed to prevent the chan­cellor of Germany from having her way.
Jean Claude Juncker has been confirmed as the European Commission’s new president.
This fact alone taught most of the British population that Britain does not call the shots in the EU and that Britain does not have the industrial or financial power to challenge head on the German ruling class’s hegemony over Eu­rope.
That is why they are so often engaged in constant barking at the EU.
Idea of British moral authority is broken
Also, the increasing number of celebrities and politicians ex­posed in the media as sexual predators of women and girls re­flects deep fractures of a dying bourgeois society no longer able to cover up its mess.
In Britain, the now open rev­elations of sexual oppression and exploitation of women and girls is clearly another significant symp­tom of this ever-deepening crisis of imperialism.
In the latest figures from 2012 to 2013 published by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) in the UK, it is estimated that around 1.2 million women suffered domestic abuse and over 330,000 women were sexually assaulted.
African Internationalists un­derstand that you cannot judge a society by its own consciousness, by what it thinks of itself, but by its practice.
This is particularly true when it comes to Britain, a country which brags of being the moral compass of the world.
These statistics reveal that the British bourgeois society is an oppressor of white women.
Therefore the bourgeoisie cannot be allowed to claim that they are fighting for emancipation of African women anywhere.
The news that a 1970s and ‘80s dossier on abuse claims based on allegations of a pedo­phile ring involving Westminster, the center of British white power, had been destroyed is just an­other incredible story adding to the sense of corruption, cover-up, and absence of accountability of the white ruling class in the UK.
Leon Brittan, Homeland Of­fice Minister under the rule of Margaret Thatcher, was forced to intervene—not to tell the truth, of course, but to add more lies about the case.
He initially said that he had passed the dossier to officials in 1983 and heard nothing more about it but then declared later on that there had been “appropriate action and follow up” by the po­lice.
He seems to be the only one to know what “appropriate” ac­tions were taken against the “al­leged” pedophile ring.British ruling class decadence does not stop there.
During the same week, Pat­rick Rock, a former aide of Da­vid Cameron, appeared in British court, charged with three counts of making child pornography and another of possessing 62 inde­cent images of children.
We have seen months of exposure in the British press of countless sexual assaults on women and girls with two men from the cream of entertainment in Britain—Jimmy Saville and Rolf Harris—topping the list of white sexual predatory men.
The former died without hav­ing to pay for his crimes, but the latter has been slapped on the wrist with five years and nine months of imprisonment after he was found guilty of “indecently as­saulting” girls aged seven to 19.
The white bourgeoisie is fast removing any evidence of asso­ciation with Rolf Harris.
According to the BBC, a mu­ral he painted 20 years ago on a building in Sheffield has been painted over, and the University of Liverpool has withdrawn the honorary degree they gave Rolf Harris.
I am sure the list will not stop there. The race to disassociate themselves from predators Harris and Saville is on.
The irony is that as bourgeois social order is breaking up, more similar stories are on the way!
As we are about to go press, the British press broke the news on Wednesday, July 16, that the National Crime Agency has ar­rested 660 suspected pedophiles and taken into care 400 children.
Police officers, scout leaders, doctors, teachers and care work­ers are among the people who have been arrested.These are elements of the white petty bourgeoisie.
We are confident in saying that the rot is on top, inside the white bourgeoisie itself.
The downfall of the parasit­ic white bourgeoisie cannot be stopped.
There is a crisis of trust be­tween white people and their leaders.
Those who are portrayed as epitomes of success, more and more are revealing that they are as rotten as parasitic capitalism itself.
More and more white people do not believe that their leaders and traditional parties can secure them a good old-fashioned colo­nial life.
The electoral abyss of the tra­ditional parties is just one mani­festation of this profound crisis of imperialism.
Another major aspect of the crisis of imperialism in Europe is the relentless assault on national democratic rights of colonized Africans, Muslims, Romani and other oppressed peoples.

European Court of Human Rights upholding the ban on niqab and burka is part of an abrogation of Muslim democratic rights

In the first week of July, the European Court of Human Rights upheld the ban on the burka and niqab throughout the European Union.
France, the country that brags of being the land of human rights, was first to strike when the Sar­kozy government banned their wear in public places on April 2011.
The argument of the Europe­an Court of Human Rights ruled against the burka and niqab on the basis that they conceal faces.
You do not have to be a Mus­lim to conclude that there is no such thing as freedom in general or freedom for everybody.
This ruling is simply an abro­gation of democratic rights of the Muslim population as part of the counterinsurgency program to maintain white capitalist oppres­sive rule over Muslim people in Europe.
The argument that this would help free Muslim women is an ab­erration. We always say that the main contradiction in the world is between the oppressor nation and the oppressed nation.
The French government and the European Court of Human Rights are all tools of the Euro­pean ruling classes against the oppressed Muslims.
Furthermore, the French, Brit­ish and the rest of white power are the allies of the most repres­sive, anti-women governments in Muslim countries such as Saudi Arabia, which is notorious in its suppression of women’s rights and freedom.
We have seen how the U.S., France and UK have supported the overthrow of the elected gov­ernment of Mohammed Morsi in Egypt and replaced him with Fat­tah al Sisi. We are not supporters of Mo­hammed Morsi.
However, we recognized that al Sisi’s coup was carried out to prevent the deepening of the democratic process.
This would have been at the expense of Egyptian comprador and bureaucratic rule as well as at the expense of white imperial­ist rulers and their allies in the re­gion.
We need all the democratic space in France, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the U.S. and everywhere else so that we can take charge of our own affairs and develop our own solutions against imperial­ism.
The ban on the burka and fines associated with them are means by which white rulers con­trol the democratic space and ex­tract money from Muslims.
This ruling simply confirms that the European Court of Hu­man Rights is a tool of the Euro­pean rulers’ counterinsurgency against Muslims and other op­pressed peoples in Europe.
The French, the British, Ger­mans, etcetera are all united to maintain this system of wars and exploitation at our expense.
Where is the outcry from white society when Palestine is being bombed 24-7 by the genocidal re­gime of the Israeli settler State?
Where is the European Court of Human Rights when Palestin­ian land is stolen and houses are demolished?
The demand to bomb Pal­estine and to ban the burka and niqab are all demands of white people’s societies.
The real struggle is not to choose which British white na­tionalist is best suited to solve white people’s problems or how to make parasitic white society safe from pedophiles and other sexual predators.
As Chairman Omali Yeshitela of the African Socialist Interna­tional has summed up in his most recent book entitled An Uneasy Equilibrium: the African Revolu­tion versus Parasitic Capitalism:
“…[T]he contradictions faced by many white people today are the result of the crisis of imperi­alism brought about by the resis­tance of oppressed peoples who are struggling against the impe­rialist theft of their oil, minerals, land and resources.
“It is insane for Europeans or whites to assume that the 80 percent of the world that attempts to survive on $10 or less a day would be a willing part of a strug­gle defined and designed for rein­statement of white student loans or retirement guarantees for the white elderly.
“The real, legitimate strug­gle for white people is to com­mit national suicide by joining in the struggle for black power and against the white power that is representative of the oppressor nation’s relationship with the rest of us.
“The various contradictions plaguing the world are contradic­tions born of the ascent of white power.”
Any white people interested in building a future for themselves must join in the struggle to over­turn imperialist white power to produce a world without parasit­ism, because there will be no fu­ture for them at the expense of the rest of us.
Down with British imperialism!
Genocidal white power must go!
African Internationalism is the way forward!


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