The Congressional Black Caucus Shamed for their Support of Israel

WASHINGTON, DC: On Wednesday, September 24th from 9-11am individuals and organizations such as the Black is Back Coalition, African People's Socialist Party, Your World News,Friends of the Congo and other organizations, gathered outside of the Washington DC Convention Center on the opening day of the Congressional Black Caucus' 44th Legislative Conference to protest the CBC representation of the African community.

The CBC voted unanimously to support the Israeli State's aggression against the people of Occupied Palestine, they supported the militarization of the police which directly impacts African communities, and they voted for policies that impact access to a  free internet.

The protestors initially started the protest at the corner of the building, eventually moving to the front entrance chanting "CBC  you can't hide, we charge you with genocide" ,  "CBC, you can bet, voted against a free internet" and "Hey Hey, Ho Ho, Israeli Apartheid Got to Go" .

The group carried signs depicting the CBC as coons, ready to do their master's bidding; other signs displayed messages like "Black Lives Matter" and "Palestinian Lives Matter".  

The Black is Back Coalition put out a scathing analysis of the CBC and called for people to participate in the November 1-2 actions in Washington DC, when the group plans to march on the White House. 

The protest was effective in diverting the Conference goers to another entrance to avoid the shame of walking through the protest. 

Speakers raised other issues concerning the effectiveness of the CBC in the African community. Highlighting their willingness to sell out the black community's interest in exchange for money.

One speaker pointed out that many on the CBC are Civil Rights Movement veterans from the 1960's.  These are the same people who sold us out for the myth of integration.

One sister said in 1956 she saw her father get beaten by police and she can see nothing has changed today except the police might be black in some cases; citing colonialism as the issue. Others took that same stance aligning the struggles of colonized people throughout the world to the struggles of oppressed people inside the United States.

The group ended the protest determined to come back bigger and stronger  next year to protest the CBC.

Shame on the Congressional Black Caucus Demonstration 9.24.14


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