The city of Cleveland pays $6 million in blood money to the family of Tamir Rice

Twelve-year-old Tamir Rice was murdered in November of 2014 when he was shot by Cleveland cop Timothy Loehmann.

Video footage shows the pig pulling up to Rice­­––who was playing in a park––and immediately opening fire.

Despite this blatant evidence of the child’s murder, a grand jury did not indict Loehman.

Rice’s family filed a wrongful death lawsuit in January of 2015 against the city of Cleveland.

According to CNN, the family stated in the lawsuit that the 911 dispatcher should have told the pigs that the child had what appeared to be a toy gun, the police approached the scene too aggressively, Loehmann used his weapon too quickly and that the city failed to properly train and supervise Loehmann.

Cleveland mayor Frank Jackson announced on April 25, 2016 that the city granted Tamir’s family $6 million in a settlement, yet maintains that they hold no responsibility in the child’s death.

The city’s official position as stated in the settlement terms is that young Tamir was at fault. This makes the them immune to any form of criminal prosecution.

$6 million lynching

The settlement is the latest blood money settlement given by the State to the families of Africans who were brutally murdered by cops.

The city of Cleveland, as well as cities across the country, are willing to pay large sums of money for the privilege of killing African people.

This blood money comes with the condition of absolving them of all wrongdoing.

It is damaging enough to be the victims of genocide but the damage is amplified when there is a system of denial in place that refutes the reality of an oppressed people.

These settlements are given with the hopes that African people are too distracted by money to fight and defend ourselves and our children.

They are given in the hopes that we will accept our extermination as the norm. This settlement should serve as nothing more than a $6 million wake up call for African people.

No amount of money can bring justice to parents who have lost their children to killer pigs.

Clear and present genocide

What is happening to African people in the U.S. at the hands of the pigs is State-sanctioned genocide.

These murders are not a new phenomenon. African people have been brutally murdered, tortured and imprisoned as a way to control the reproduction of African people and to neutralize a massive uprising against the white ruling class.

This genocide is not a rare occurrence and is mentioned in the U.N.’s definition of genocide. Tamir Rice has joined the list, along with Emmett Till and Lil’ Bobby Hutton, as some of the youngest victims of colonial genocide.

Tamir Rice’s murderer knew exactly what he was doing  as he came out of the patrol car with his gun blazing. Innocent African children are murdered for playing with a toy gun while dangerous white adults with real guns are apprehended alive all the time.

The problem is not negligence. Nor is the problem that the city fails to train pigs properly. The problem is that the police are doing exactly what they were trained to do, which is kill Africans.

The problem is that Africans are at the mercy of a parasitic system that is dependent on our oppression, imprisonment and genocide.

We Africans must hold the U.S. accountable for their crimes against African people.

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Africans Charge Genocide!

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