The ANC election conferences for positions exposes the character of the Party

This coming December the African National Congress (ANC), the Party that facilitated the smooth process of transferring power from white settlers to the indigenous Africans in Occupied Azania (South Africa) in 1994, will be holding their elective conference for key political positions such as the president, deputies and so on.

Those elected will be the face of the Party in the 2019 national election.

The African People’s Socialist Party (APSP) maintains that the ANC has been a petty bourgeoisie organization since its very creation.

Since it became the administrator of the neocolonialist State, the ANC’s elections have been one of the events that proves that the leaders of the party are only interested in their own agendas and not that of the masses of Africans who have been suffering since 1652.

We saw how power hungry those ANC leaders were in 2014 with the local election for the counsel and mayoral positions. Their election is all about who has more money to swindle our people and to make sure that he or she is victorious even if the opponent has more support from delegates.

Recently in the Eastern Cape regional election, we witnessed our people fighting each other just to elect another sellout who will only serve the interest of the African petty bourgeoisie and white settler colonialism.

We saw chairs flying and injuring our mothers who are not aware of what the ANC represents. If they knew it represented white power in black face, they would join the APSP and bring the struggle for freedom in Azania to realization.

The last time the ANC held their elective conference was in 2012 when Jacob Zuma won the second term as the face of the State. 

ANC is not dying or dead, it was never relevant to the working class

There was an African revolution for liberation in the ‘60s that was defeated by neocolonialism. The ANC was just a tool that the imperialists used to make sure that they do not lose control of Azanian resources.

A party of the people will never shoot down miners because it will put the working class in power.

A party of the people will not behave like the elite who only think about keeping their bellies stuffed.

Now, there is a lot of talk about corruption in the country. Recently the auditor general released a report that approximately $46 billion went missing because of corruption. The report implied that the issue was corruption, while in fact the ANC got into a deal in 1994 that is a catastrophe waiting to happen.

We can also add that in June 2017, the ANC had a policy conference where we saw a dying organization trying to save itself with more radically sounding rhetoric. The ANC is engaged with a campaign they call Radical Economic Transformation, which is led by Zuma and his now ex-wife, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma.

On paper, the purpose of the campaign is to root out ‘white monopoly capital’ and forge a more inclusive society. This is no different from Thabo Mbeki’s BEE policy. They are simply a means to get a greater share of the loot for the black petty bourgeoisie class at the expense of the African working class.

That is why Mosebenzi Zwane speaks about a 30 percent black ownership of mines. Zuma has actually said that Radical Economic Transformation will be about getting black people to top positions. They brag about this as if things will actually change for the majority of working class Africans.

Neocolonial ducking and dodging

Cyril Ramaphosa is not really participating in this campaign because it involves confronting western institutions and showing favor to the East.

Right now, Ramaposa is pushing for a campaign against State capture, where individuals use the State’s decision-making process for their own gain. He said the State-owned enterprises are being looted by corrupt people, while expecting us to forget that he got his billions by selling out his own people.

The upcoming elective conference has a couple forerunners for the presidency seat: Cyril Ramaphosa and Dlamini-Zuma.

The ANC’s elections will create many divides as it continues to lose its grip on the masses. It is hoping to redeem itself through the 2019 general elections, but they are set to lose votes which will drive them deeper into crisis.

People are looking for alternatives, because they can see the relationship they have with the ANC is obviously unhealthy and abusive.

Police terror is one case in point. The police minister Fikile Mbalula has formally declared war on the African working class in the name of fighting against what he calls criminals.

He has called for the army to occupy African communities and has been on television and Twitter saying that a ‘criminal has no rights.’ 

Build the African People’s Socialist Party in Azania!


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