The African Socialist International mourns the untimely death of Sister Mariamma Djombo, the mother of Oury Jalloh

We are truly saddened by the death of Mariamma Djombo Diallo this week at the tender age of 59 years old. She lived in Dalaba, Guinea.
Sister Mariamma Djombo was the courageous and beautiful mother of Oury Jalloh, a young African man chained to a mattress and burnt to death by German police in 2005, in a Desau police station.
We want all comrades in the Initiative in Remembrance of Oury Jalloh, and particularly brother Mokhtar who has been attacked and harassed by the German police for demanding justice, to know that you are not alone. You are in our thoughts as we are in this together.
Our thoughts are also with her three children and her entire family who are now deprived of their loving mother, sister or aunt because of German colonial violence.
It is the work of the Initiative in Remembrance of Oury Jalloh that forced the German court to pretend that justice could be delivered.
Chairman Omali Yeshitela and the entire Uhuru Movement sends you our deepest sympathies and solidarities in this time of sorrow.
Sister Mariamma Djombo was more than Oury Jalloh’s mum; she was more than a mother caring for her children at home, in Guinea.
She was farmer and a life producer in the community. She represented all African women whose children have been gratuitously killed by white colonial violence.
She represents all African women who have died as a result of our encounter with hostile white power and deprived of the benefit and joy of seeing their own children grow up to become adults and pursue their own dreams without  colonial aggression.
We remember Mariamma Djombo as the African woman who magnificently stood up for justice against the German police state.
She is the African mother who lived in anxiety of seeing her son going to foreign and hostile land.
She is the African mother who bore the daily worries of not knowing or seeing how her son was treated in a distant place.
She is a mother who hoped every day that her son would be all right and would return home to our Africa.
That was until the news came home in 2005 that her precious son was burnt to death in a police station in Dessau, Germany.
The German state, which claims the crown of efficiency in Europe, has miserably and grotesquely failed to deliver justice for the murder of Oury Jalloh. The German state has rather efficiently caused sister Mariamma Djombo to suffer from high blood pressure, stress and anxiety, from which she died.
Having stolen the life of Oury Jalloh was not enough; the German state chose this time to steal the life of the mother too.
Oury Jalloh’s mum stood tall in German court, as she gave them a chance to repair the wrong done by the police in the city of Dessau against our brother, Oury Jalloh.
Sister Mariamma Djombo gave the people of Germany a great opportunity to look into the mirror and be self-critical as a society and critical against their court by demanding justice.
Their colonial state instead mocked the mother of the victim, attacked the truth and rejected justice.
The German court stood in defence of known police murderers.
If there was justice, there is no doubt that she would be alive today.
She left us with a powerful statement that the German state will never take away from us: "The white people came with coloured candy and one year later there was war in our country."
The deaths of Oury Jalloh and his mum are part of a European imposed parasitic capitalist economy that kills us, keeps us disorganized and exploited all over the world.
The biggest tribute that we can give Oury Jalloh’s mother is to join the African struggle for self-determination to complete the struggle of Oury Jalloh’s mother, which is to take the German police killers to our own court.
Long Live the Initiative in Remembrance of Oury Jalloh!
Build the African resistance!
Touch One! Touch All!
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