Sylville Smith’s brother’s statement: “This is what the police provoke”

The whole world saw the resistance which erupted among the African working class of Milwaukee, Wisconsin on August 13, 2016, in response to the police murder of 23-year-old African, Sylville Smith.

Colonial media, white leftists and neocolonial leaders have made statements against the resistance in Milwaukee, and went as far as to criminalize the young Africans there for standing up to the State and its murderous police.

The African People’s Socialist Party is clear, however, that Africans must resist our colonial oppression. That is our right as oppressed people.

A CBS reporter on the scene of the uprising, interviewed Sedan Smith, Sylville’s brother.

The reporter, who was particularly more concerned about the possibility of Sedan using profanity on live television than the pain which Sedan was certainly feeling as he mourns his brother’s murder, was ultimately left speechless by Sedan’s powerful words.

Reporter: Take me through what’s going on right now.

Sedan Smith: Right now you got a city riot going on. Because once again, the police have failed to protect us like they say they were going to do. But if we don’t have anyone to protect us, then this is what you get––you get riots…We losing loved-ones every day to the people who swore to protect us.

Reporter: Certainly people are upset here tonight, but we’ve got innocent business owners who are going up in flames. What is it gonna take tonight for you guys to be okay tonight and to stop this chaos

Sedan Smith: It’s not me. I’mma let you know that right now. And its not us “guys” neither. And I’m glad that you guys said that.

It’s the police. This is what they encourage. This is what they provoke. This is what you get, outta you taking a loved-one from someone.

This is what you get, you get a lot of people that’s hurt and they can’t vent the right way…And no its not gone end today…I don’t know when it’s gonna end. But it’s for ya’ll to start.

We’e not the ones that’s killing us. Ya’ll killing us. We can’t make it change, if ya’ll don’t change!

Africans in Milwaukee rise up in response to the police murder of Sylville Smith!

A period of heavy African resistance!

We are currently in a period which our Party characterizes as a resurgence of the Black Liberation Movement. After two generations––40 years––with very little mass Black Revolutionary struggle, we are now in a time that is marked by almost daily acts of resistance by working class Africans.

We saw resistance on Canfield Drive in Ferguson, Missouri. We saw resistance in Baltimore.

We saw Micah Xavier Johnson, Cosmo Long and Korryn Gaines bravely fight back against our oppressors. And, most recently, the world has seen the acts of resistance in Milwaukee.

We call on Sedan Smith and all the freedom-loving Africans in Milwaukee and elsewhere to become organized in order to stop our genocide.

Join InPDUM!

The International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM) is our mass organization which is tasked with defending the international democratic rights of all colonized African communities, with the understanding that the highest expression of democracy is self-determination.

This is opposed to the view that integrating into the capitalist white power system is the highest expression of democracy.

We understand that there is a rapidly growing conscious­ness of African people which is exposing itself to the world and encourage all Africans who are coming into revolutionary consciousness to join our organization to forward the struggle for African self-determination.

A part of that struggle, is our Africans Charge Genocide campaign. With this campaign, we will petition the United Nations to charge the government of the U.S. with the crime of genocide against the African population in this country.

This campaign is a strategy to bring to the international forefront the numerous genocidal crimes that the U.S. State has committed against Africans since we were first stolen from Africa and brought to these shores.

This campaign also gives to the world historical context of the genocide of Sylville Smith and countless Africans. White crimes of genocide being committed against Africans is not a new phenomenon––it is 600 years old.

Visit to read, sign and share the petition.

Visit to join our ranks.

Long Live Sedan Smith!




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