Strong Black Presence needed to make Black life matter more than green dollars in white hands

CHICAGO—A Strong Black Presence will be engaged to prove that Black Life Matters more than green dollars in white hands.
A Strong Black Presence is the mass action model necessary to make change in multiple aspects of Black life.
A Strong Black Presence is Blacks assembling in large numbers at strategic economic centers where a large number of white shoppers frequent. The higher or more exclusive the retail area, the better the target.
A Strong Black Presence will show that Black people have the power to both positively and negatively affect profit, sales tax revenue and tourism for the city and merchants of Chicago.
We will assemble from 4-7pm on the heaviest shopping days of the year: On December 22-24, 2014 on Chicago's “Gold Coast” at Water Tower Place, 835 N. Michigan Avenue.
Goals of A Strong Black Presence:
Create the desire for the police chief to meet with us. The police in Chicago do not have the consent or the will of a large component of the Black community to police their communities. Thus, the police exist as a de facto occupying force. We want Black community control of the police. We need real power to hire and fire the police in our communities and the ability to prosecute those who murder our people.
Create the desire for the Chicago Chamber of Commerce to meet with us. Currently 72 percent of young Black men are non-participants in the formal labor force.
Create the desire for the two Illinois Senators to meet with us. The Senate apologized in 2005 for its failure to stop the lynching of Black people during the 100 years of Jim Crow. They are repeating the same error when it comes to police crimes against the Black community today.
Create the desire for the mayor to meet with us. The city has the obligation to uphold the human rights of Black people in this city.
At each of these meetings, the Black is Back Coalition will put forward a list of agreements the people have determined they will accept from these "powers-that-be."
Black is Back! End imperialist subjugation, exploitation and genocidal practices against the African community in America! Peace Through Revolution.
EMAIL or CALL 773.717.2492


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