Striking “City Cleaners” (Sanitation Workers) trash trendy section of Johannesburg

JOHANNESBURG–Occupied Azanias (South Africa) oppressed African community has found their relevance on the global face through the studentsprotests behind the slogan #feesmustfall, while other sectors of the African working class have also been stressed with tension.
Indeed, as Chairman Omali Yeshitela has revealed, history has jolted an Uneasy Equilibrium between the past and the present.
The African Revolution has suffered many defeats at different epochs in the face of a systematic onslaught towards the African masses waged by imperialism and its unprincipled friends.
The global shifting of world power characterized by the demise of imperialism is coming from the determined resistance waged throughout the colonized world.
Protests have been sweeping the communities and institutions within Occupied Azania at different levels; from passive resistance and picketing, to much more assertive ways like the burning of police vans.
The recent November 2015 city cleaners strike requires special attention, however, because it was coming straight from the workers themselves.
While the African petty bourgeoisie, individuals who may consider themselves South Africans and visitors walked the streets of Braamfontein, a rather palatable part of Johannesburg, workers who were supposed to be keeping the area clean spewed it with waste and garbage from dustbins.
News media would later report this as an organized strike by the South African Municipal Workers Union (SAMWU) and the discontented African workers employed to pick up waste from the streets and keep the city clean.
The Star newspaper reported that, During the course of the past week, some 30,000 tons of waste have piled up in some parts of the city.
This means that during that time, Braamfontein, a section of the city harboring many college and university students and some corporate workers, would no longer be as palatable.
Just like many labor protests motivated by the harsh conditions that African workers have to face on a daily and consistent basis for a small wage, the cleaners protest raised their own issues.
Apart from the obvious contempt of the wage workers receives, the protestors, along with the union, raised issues such as corruption of the African petty bourgeoisie and victimization of workers.
History and science should remind us that capitalism was born directly from the exploitation, dehumanization and victimization of African people and other colonized people of the world through the stealing of our labour and illegal expropriation of our lands.
The African workers should not be surprised by the manner in which they are treated, whether it be a white boss, or one who looks like them. This is how the system was built and it has to be maintained in that manner. Revolution is the solution!
The symbolic nature of the protest
What makes this particular workersprotest symbolic is how it exposed the attitude and cunning behavior of the capitalists.
The settler colonialists and their negroes in the African National Congress (ANC) have been so naïve to assume that they could enjoy lavish lifestyles and consume wastefully the resources produced by the sweat and blood of the African working class without being bothered.
The garbage that the protestors threw all over the streets was simply to say, while we demand justice get a taste of the rubbish we have to bear every day for you to walk on clean streets while we get paid peanuts.
The capitalists despise being around waste, but they are wasteful and do not want to clean their own mess.
Pikitup, the employer company of the protesting workers has used arrogant capitalist tendencies to contain what qualifies as a resistance against imperialism and capitalistic exploitation.
Treating African workers as fungible beings that can be replaced at any given time, the company has hired external service providers called the Red Antsto pick the rubbish left by the protestors.
While the company has not shown to care about the health and wellbeing of the workers, they felt the need to express their concern regarding possible health threats posed by the protest.
The Star reported that Amanda Nair, the managing director of Pikitup stated, this is going to result in a serious health hazard to our residents.
Pikitup has also secured a court interdict allowing state police to harass and arrest the protestors in the name of security.
This is after the protestors, through impatience, decided to resort to more assertive means by burning some of the property of the company.
The company remains arrogant enough to assure that, with the assistance of the police department, more repressive measures will be used to contain the resistance.
This is South Africa, not that of the Nationalist Party of Apartheid, but of the ANC. The same South Africa of the ANC that had 34 mine workers in Marikana gunned down like game by the state police officers.
The same South Africa that portrays itself as the better part of Africa while the conditions of Africans in the country are more or less the same as other Africans elsewhere in the world.
African people in the U.S. face state terror just like Africans here in Occupied Azania. Africans in Congo also face capitalist exploitation just as much as Africans in Occupied Azania do.
ANCs middle class policy
Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandelas rainbow nation rests upon the disregard of the value African workers have in producing necessary conditions for the lavish lifestyle of the white occupying colonialist population and the illegitimate African petty bourgeoisie.
After the transition from Apartheid in 1994, the African petty bourgeoisie used the right to vote and the organization of universal elections to forge legal mechanisms for it to enter into white monopoly capital.
Thus, in 2003 the ANC government officially made a policy called Black Economic Empowerment, notoriously known through its abbreviated form BEE which was used to camouflage the sell-out deals that the ANC had been working on since.
Through this policy, the likes of Cyril Ramaphosa, a former Trade Union leader,  Tokyo Sexwale, a former Robben Island prisoner and other petty bourgeois leaders emerged as billion dollar magnets posed as moral figures to the public today. 
This has been seen by the ANC as being progress while Azania remains the most unequal society in the world with poverty creating more colonial hardship in African communities. This can be seen in the effects of drugs on the African youth and families in townships.
Petty bourgeoisie attitude in Occupied Azania
The year 2016 will mark 22 years since the inception of the ANC as the ruling party in Azania and the country is still faced by sporadic excitements of revolts in all sections of Mandelas illegitimate rainbow nation.
Some elements of this unequal society claim that the revolting masses are irrational by expecting a mess that has been constructed for 350 years to be fixed within a mere 21 years.
Such has been used to call for prolonged patience amongst the so-called previously disadvantagedin order to keep these repressed masses pacified.
Although the ANC has been receiving the majority of votes from the African community, symptoms of contempt persist to reveal themselves in the many demonstrations that the government has to deal with all the while.
Conscious and unconscious resistance against imperialism persist on the world and global scene and they cannot be avoided by the oppressed, nor can the imperialists avoid them.
Africa must unite
Occupied Azania's capitalist society can only be mitigated by a revolutionary response waged by an organized African working class.
Chairman Omali Yeshitela and several African Socialist International (ASI) comrades from different parts of the African world will be on a tour to South Africa driven by the will to get all African people in the Revolution.
Oppressed African people within Occupied Azania should participate in the tour scheduled for the spring of 2016.
Join the African Socialist International and the African Peoples Socialist Party to organize African workers in fighting against imperialist exploitation of the African nation!
All Power to the African Workers!
Build the ASI!


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