Stop and frisk puts Chicago InPDUM member in jail and in mug shot magazine

CHICAGO– InPDUM member Mike Love was sitting at the bus stop on North Avenue during the morning rush hour, on Monday September 8, 2014.
A cop approached Mike, at 7am  and said “You’ve been out here a long -time. I’ve been watching you, and I don’t want to hear nothing you have to say. Come and put your hands on the car.”
The cop charged Mike with solicitation. There is a law that if an officer asks you to do something, you must do it or they will say it is resisting! Mike, therefore,  provided his full cooperation.
Mike told the cops that he had to go to work; they didn’t care. They went to the police station where Mike was photographed. One of the arresting cops was black the other was white. The black cop did all the talking and carried out all of the actions of the arrest.
The white cop asked, “Why did you bring him in?” The black cop said “Because he is black.” ”White cop” said and did nothing but nodded his head.
Mike went online and saw his photo on the Chicago Police Department (CPD) site, with no charge against him, on the same day.
The charge was dropped when Mike went to court on September 22, 2014.His photo, however, was published in Nab Shot magazine within the week.
Mike received a phone call from his aunt saying “Your photo is in this magazine!” His photo was on the front page of Nab Shot magazine with the statement “prostitution.”
His aunt bought the paper at the local gas station. Nab Shot is a magazine in the Chicago area which assembles mug shots from Chicago arrests to keep the public informed about who is breaking the law. The editor of Nab Shot says that the more hideous the crime the more the paper sales.
Nab Shot exploits people. The newspaper has yet to get sued for defamation of character. Over time that will change!
Just because you are arrested for a crime doesn’t mean that you are guilty. It is always stated that you are innocent until proven guilty.
So why does Nab Shot assume all persons in mug shots are guilty? Why does the Chicago Police Department sell these photos, and why does a newspaper built on gossip make $500,000 a year?
Police terrorism
What gives police the right to attack people for sitting on a public bench and bring false charges? The arresting cop‘s name was “Davis.”
We want the immediate withdrawal of U.S. police from our oppressed and exploited communities.
We want the right to free speech and political association, a guarantee of the right to work for the betterment and emancipation of black people without fear of political imprisonment and loss of life, limb, and livelihood.
We will begin outreach in this area as InPDUM in Chicago. We will attack the Nab Shot magazine and other such publications.
We will use our own media, and The Burning Spear newspaper  to get the truth out!.


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