Soweto community organization fights tariff increase on electricity!

SOWETO — A couple of days ago, the National Electricity Regulator of South Africa (NERSA) held a public hearing on the Eskom’s proposed 34 percent tariff’s increase. This happens right at the beginning of the cold winter and in a country where 30 percent of the population is still without electricity.

The Radical Youth Network has always and still opposes Eskom’s plan to make more profit at the expense of the poor who are going to be seriously affected by the tariff increase. However, we are also aware that NERSA will not totally dismiss Eskom’s application but will just find a softer way of responding to the application.

RYN held a community mass meeting yesterday in Zone 20, Sebokeng where residents agreed on intensifying Operation Khanyisa, a campaign championed by residents of Soweto. It is very unfair that every time the bosses want more profits and big bonuses like Eskom’s CEO, the poor must pay. This cold winter leaves us with no choice but to connect our people, we all want our homes to be warm.

For more information please contact organizer Patrick “Patra” Sindane at 073 052 7005


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