Sierra Leone PPRC legal shenanigans

It seems like the PPRC of Sierra Leone is trying to start another ‘2010 political fire game’ under this APC regime, just like the APC Momoh’s regime did at the start of the 1990 decade, which paved way for breeding the RUF March 23rd 1990 uprising. The politics of exclusion is dangerous and must be avoided by all means and legal shenanigans should not be used to exclude fellow Sierra Leonean citizens from participating in political activities or political sensitizations. The right for citizens to gather, rally and express political concerns is part of the basic fundamental human rights and it is autonomous and should not be suppressed by any other person, group of persons or institutions. Any attempt to muzzle or impede fellow citizens from
exercising their fundamental political and civil rights may result to political and social disaster. In order to avoid a repeat of the 1990’s crisis, the right of citizens to participate as political participants should not be restricted or trampled by any other person, group of persons or government assisted institutions such as the PPRC.
For peace to prevail and for the sake of fairness, the PPRC should encourage citizens to be inclusive in political activities rather than discourage citizens by exclusion from political participation. What exclusion does is, it nurtures oppression and develops resistance to oppression and most times, such resistance can be cumbersome as had been seen in the past, with other resistance movements such as the African National Congress(ANC) of South Africa or the Pan African Congress(PAC).
After the Lome accord, the Sierra Leone government by then and international agencies, encouraged and gave political & financial assistance to RUF, so that RUF can transform into a political party and they did so by rallying as RUF-political party and they took part in a power sharing government and participated in subsequent general elections without belaboring on any legal shenanigans. At the end, the people decided the fate of the RUFP at the ballot box during the 2002 general election. At that time, we didn’t hear any legal quotations from the PPRC.
Now that the APSP is trying to pursue a meaningful political goal, so that the relics of colonialism and neocolonialsm shall be erased and ineptness shall be replaced with progressiveness, some officials within the PPRC are trying to act unscrupulously to undermine our trying democracy. The PPRC needs to behave now and put their acts in order.The situation is being closely monitored and any attempt by the PPRC to derail our trying democracy at the advantage of the status quo, shall be met with very stiff resistance. Sooner or later, a campaign shall be launched to totally overhaul the management and administration of the PPRC, before a full blown 2012 election campaign really starts. For those who have ears, let them hear and for those with sound mind, they need to understand that legal shenanigans are outdated and can’t be used to muzzle the struggle against oppression. The struggle therefore continues, relentlessly, until salvation is guaranteed for our poor people without precondition.

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