The Black Community Control of Police Working Group of the Black is Back Coalition along with RBG Fridays and several members of the African community held a rally in defense of African resistance on Thursday, Sept 22nd.

The immediate reason for the rally was the police execution and subsequent media slander of slain African resistance fighter Nicholas Glenn. Glenn ambushed and killed at least one cop in West Philly on Friday Sept 16.

The rally was held at 52nd and Samson Streets in West Philadelphia, the site of the ambush.

It was important to hold this demonstration because the domestic military colonial occupation forces called police keep getting away with murdering Black people in the U.S., despite the numerous rebellions, marches and protests that have erupted since the assassination of Mike Brown in 2014. 

In fact, the pigs have killed over 2100 people since Mike Brown’s murder––over half being African people.

The Black is Back Coalition understands that the existing police constitute an occupying military force in the Black community––and that we have a right to resist that occupation. 

The pigs have been getting away with the murder of Africans because there will be no consequences from the colonial capitalist State that they serve.

The U.S. colonial State was built to hold Africans at gunpoint while our labor and resources continue to be snatched away from us and the so-called “leaders” of our struggle are paid off by the U.S. government and the white ruling class to steer the mass resistance away from the struggle for power and into a political tendency that leaves white power unchallenged. 

This is why Black Lives Matter (aka the Movement for Black Lives) just received a $100 million pay off from the Ford Foundation, because “Black Lives Matter,” as a statement, a movement and a political slogan, does not demand power for African people.

However, things are rapidly changing.  Armed resistance like that of Nicholas Glenn and others is growing in acceptability among African people as a response to U.S. domestic colonial terror.

Moving forward, this form of armed resistance will accompany the legitimate demand by our people for the immediate withdrawal of the colonial police from our community, black community control of the police and a total end to the colonial domination of African people within the U.S. and worldwide.

The U.S. colonial capitalist State along with white and neo-colonial media have run a narrative designed to criminalize the resistance of Glenn and other African martyrs such as Gavin “Cosmo” Long who retaliated against the police murder of our people in Baton Rouge and Micah X who took pigs out in Dallas in the aftermath of the video showing the July police assassination of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge.

The State is attempting to criminalize and isolate the armed resistance of the masses. The intent of the colonial state is to prevent support for armed anti-colonial resistance from Africans ourselves and from our potential allies in the struggle against imperialism.

For this reason the state claims that brother Nicholas killed a young sister who was sitting in her car as he fled the pigs.  They also say that a waitress and security guard at a bar near the site of Glenn’s ambush of the police were also shot. 

However, there have been no witnesses to substantiate these claims other than the cops themselves, who we know always, lie.

We cannot rule out the possibility that the police are lying about these shootings to cover the fact that they killed the young woman and shot the guard and waitress in their attempt to kill Glenn.

The principle demands of the demonstration are:

1. Black self-determination.

2. Right to armed self-defense of the African community.

3. Black Community Control of Police.

4. Immediate charges/arrest against the police forces involved in the execution of Nicholas Glenn and an independent investigation of the events that led up to his murder. 


The rally also served to build support for the two-day Black People’s Convention for our National Political Agenda for Black Self Determination scheduled for Nov 5-6 in Washington, DC.

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Black Power Matters!


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