Scotland struggle for “independence” exposes decay of imperialism

LONDON–As the crisis of British imperialism deepens, the September 18th referendum on Scotland’s independence from the United Kingdom ranks as a clear indicator of just how much in trouble British capitalism is in.
White people from Scotland wanted to break away from the United Kingdom. All traditional parties which hold power in British Parliament in London campaigned ferociously against the independence of Scotland.
“Scotland's $190 billion economy — roughly the size of New Zealand's — makes up about 8 percent of the United Kingdom's $2.4 trillion economy” (William James, the Christian science Monitor, May 23, 2013)
It is also more than likely that 2015 would be the year of a second phase of austerity, with far reaching consequences than white people have experienced so far under the imperialist coalition of the liberal democrat and Tory c0nservative government.
However, the reality is that “British people have more debt per head than in any other big, rich economy at around 140 percent of their income. As a result, around 360,000 households are currently having trouble paying their mortgages. However, as talk turns to the inevitable interest rate hike in 2015, this figure is likely to increase to 480,000 once rates rise to 2.5 percent.”
The social situation in Britain continues to deteriorate by the hour and the self- congratulatory claims by the ruling class can not hide the material reality of the standard of life in Britain today. The social welfare born out of the enslavement of Africans and colonization of most of the people of the world is what kept Britain together and loyal to English bourgeoisie. The colonial bounty is no longer readily available, as English rulers are unable to dominate the world as in the past.
According to the Anglican Bishop of Truro Tim Thornton, a co-chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Inquiry into Hunger:, “We heard stories and gained first-hand experience that led us to the conclusion that the rise in the use of food banks does indicate a deeper problem in our society `– the ‘glue’ that used to be there is no longer there in many instances…”
Slavery, colonization, neo colonization is the glue the chief preacher is talking about.
This is the reality that informs us on the process of political independence initiated in Scotland. A huge portion of Scottish people under the leadership of the Scottish Nationalist Party, do not want to stay in the sinking ship, they are assuming it is not yet too late to to jump off the British titanic economy for another white imperial ship
A split Scotland is uneasy for their future under British ruling class
Jumping off the ship does not mean joining the revolutionary struggle of colonized peoples around the world.
The Scottish are seeking a new arrangement within European Union, which will guarantee them a better life in the context of world economy dominated by white power.
It is clear that a section of Scottish ruling class does not have faith in the British ruling class, or does not want to see its future under the domination of English ruling class; and would prefer to have its own way or strike a deal with other white leaders in Europe.
Just the prospect of UK splitting along ethnic lines is in itself an indication of a serious crisis of the British state, unable to exist and function as in the old days. The 307-year-old  white alliance between Scotland, England and Wales, which  was formed and consolidated in the process of conquering, brutalizing people in Africa, Asia, pacific islands , Middle east, and almost everywhere around the world, put on hold tribal wars between Scotland and England and  amongst other tribes in Europe as well.
When white people from Britain were colonizing and murdering us and other colonized people around the world, the Scottish had no problem with English, the Irish had no problem with English, and Catalan had no problems with Spanish.
Even today the contradiction between Scottish and English does not revolve around what the y do collectively or what they individually did  to Africa and all oppressed peoples. The basis of Scotland independence movement is not a fight against British imperialism in solidarity with all colonized peoples on earth, but a split with England on the back of collective white imperialist power. Today Scottish leaders believe life would be  better for Scottish if they go it alone. They would be able to get a larger share of imperialist bounty, since they would not have to share North Sea oil and gas revenue with England,.
Scotland matters to Britain’s economy not just because of its North Sea oil exploited by British companies  in Scottish waters, but because it also hosts strategic military bases for Britain’s military defenses: “The Faslane naval base on the Clyde is home to the Royal Navy’s fleet of Vanguard-class submarines, which maintain Britain’s round-the-clock Trident nuclear deterrent, while three of the RAF’s five Typhoon combat squadrons will soon be based at RAF Lossiemouth, one of the country’s main fast jet operating bases.” (Con Coughlin, The telegraph, London, 15 April 2014)
English leaders and personalities begged Scottish to stay in the Union
Without Scotland, Britain status of imperialism in irreversible decline would have been cemented in the eyes of all people in Britain and around the world, the certainty of a dying imperialist social order would have become a material reality, and helping create or even accelerate the sense of unavoidable shift in the balance of power in the world.
English leaders and celebrities worked around the clock begging Scottish to stay in the union.
The humbling of English leaders would have been more than symbolical, particularly in Europe, where they are always at logger head with Germany, the real  power house in Europe. After veiled threats to Scottish electorate, the No campaign narrowly won the vote. This is not the end of this contradiction, as imperialist crisis continue to deepen, Scottish people would have to make a decisive choice – join the struggle to destroy parasitical capitalism at its pedestal or join another sector of white rulers to maintain imperialism on the back of the vast majority of colonized and oppressed peoples.
This phenomenon of separatism or independence is not limited in Britain. It is strongly present in Spain, where the Catalonian region organized around Barcelona wants to separate from Spain.
They also demanded the right to organize a non binding vote for Catalan independence.
African Internationalist message is simply every social movement in the world would be measured and appreciated by their effort to organize to end parasitical imperialism at its foundations.
A better life for all must begin with white solidarity with African people and all colonized peoples and the destruction of the pedestal of parasitic capitalism

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