Same sex marriage reinforces white rights and prosperity at our expense

First thing’s first, I am not gay.
I am SGL (same gender loving).

Gay is a social construct created by whites for whites. It is a term and a community that represent the reality of the EuroPEON homosexual male.

Therefore, the gay community is 100 percent in alliance with white supremacy. They promote and subscribe to patriarchy, capitalism, anti-blackness and imperialism.

They don’t fight against the fabric of colonialism. They have never fought for reparations for Indigenous people, freedom for Indigenous people, or sovereignty for Indigenous people.

They have never fought against white power. They have only fought to be woven into the fabric of white power.

White gays don’t fight for rights. They fight for privileges. The fight for marriage had nothing to do with love. It’s about life insurance, tax writeoffs, good credit scores, equity and land ownership. Whites, collectively have only fought for one thing… capital!

Love didn’t win, white greed did

White greed, until now, has consistently been winning ever since Europe colonized the world. That is the true nature of the white gay community. They are no different than their straight counterparts.

The overwhelming issues of the non-heterosexual people of color is not marriage. Here are a few things that plague our community the most: unemployment, police brutality, false incarcerations, limited access to medical assistance and the spread of HIV; but since white gays already have white systems in place that protect them from such challenges they are not concerned about those genocidal issues for people of color.

No matter what part of the LGBTQIA alphabet that person of color might be part of, I say same-sex marriage is not for black people and will hurt us in the end. This is because all white privileges are built on the backs of
black and brown people.
Marriage is a tool of colonialism
The government started giving capital, privileges and land to white settlers who moved further into Indigenous peoples’lands.

They would give around 160 acres to married white couples and families who assisted in colonizing and white washing the American landscape.

This is why marriage, which was once totally controlled by the people and their spiritual leaders, has now become an entity that is 100 percent controlled by the State.

The State uses the tool of marriage to spread and cement whiteness and to reward approved sexual practices and the European nuclear family.

The European construct and rules of marriage were forced on us as African people. It was a way of assimilating us into the European norm.

Through the institution of marriage we were brainwashed to believe in Eurocentric gender roles, ownership of children, patriarchy and the decompartmentalization of family.

The government-controlled institution of marriage did not only colonize the land, it colonized our minds and relationships with one another, as well.

Marriage to this day is used as a tool to colonize the spaces of people of color. These white gay families are notorious for moving into “bad neighborhoods” and turning them into trendy and beautiful “gay-borhoods.”

This is gentrification—a process when the colonizers move the colonized out of a space they call home so the colonizers can take it for their own.

Wherever gay-marriage became legal in a state, the progress of gentrification grew, because through marriage, white privilege is multiplied and so is their access to resources—resources and privileges they use to build their new communities on top of our safe spaces as they push us out. Gay-marriage was never about love; it has always been about capital.
White privilege is built by black oppression
So congrats white gay man you are now closer to the same privileges as white straight men.

Funny how we call it white privilege instead of what it really is: blood money, from the bodies of our ancestors. Just remember mayo-homo your “fabulous gay wedding” is built on the backs of people of color.

You were never fighting for equal rights; you’ve always and will forever fight for equal privileges.
How dare the first black president light the White House, that WE AFRICANS BUILT, with the oppressive and problematic ass rainbow flag colors, before he lights it up in remembrance of the BLOOD that made this country and that white house even possible. So enjoy your victory; it’s now legal for you to walk down the aisle. It’s still lethal for black people to walk down the street, though.
We Africans gotta deal with that!


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