Same old imperialist lies of chemical weapons! Same goal of overthrowing the Assad regime!

The white press is intensifying the drum beat for invasion and war on Syria, under the pretext that the Syrian government used chemical weapons. This lie is not unlike the one Colin Powell and George Bush used against Saddam’s government to justify the imperialist invasion of Iraq.
This lie comes with an increase in so-called “non-lethal aid,” which is an increase in the war budget and war effort against Syria. No matter how imperialism tries to disguise it, it is an intensification of aggression from the U.S., Britain, France and its allies against the independence of Syria.
The loss of national freedom for any country and people in the hands of forces of parasitical capitalism is lethal! It is a national disaster of astronomical magnitude.
To understand “non-lethal aid,” we must understand the impact of the existing U.S. and EU sanctions on Iran, which has made it difficult for ordinary citizens to access certain basic pharmaceutical and other medical products.
We can also look at the UN sanctions against Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, where hospitals were deprived of pharmaceutical products, forcing doctors to carry out operations on children without anesthesia.
In the final analysis, “non-lethal aid” is the U.S. and its allies’ increased assaults on Syria, increased operations of terrorism and death on the people of Syria.
It is total war, because this is what imperialism means to oppressed peoples.
Israel given role of delivering air strikes in the imperialists’ division of labor in war against Syria
There is a concerted division of labor power in the war against Syria.
Israel and Turkey are countries with significant air power; the Israeli air strike on Sunday, May 5, 2013, is not an isolated action, but part of the overall white imperialist aggression against Syria.
They have carried out what the foreigners’ mercenaries could not do on the ground and they did it in coordination with Obama’s administration.  
“The Israelis justifiably have to guard against the transfer of advanced weaponry to terrorist organizations like Hezbollah,” Obama told the Spanish-language TV station Telemundo, without commenting directly on the strike. “We coordinate closely with the Israelis, recognizing that they are very close to Syria, they are very close to Lebanon.”
Of course, the accusation of a transfer of weapons is just one more lie from the mouth of the U.S. president.
Since January 2013, Israel has launched two attacks on Damascus, in blatant violation of all international laws. They used lies, as usual, to justify their attacks.
There is no border between Israel and the Arab petty bourgeois regimes, and the intervention of Israel’s settler State exposes the unity between Saudi Arabia, Qatar and all  the monarchs in the Middle East  and the white settler state of Israel.
The strike by Israel is also Obama’s strike on the people of Syria. The imperialist bourgeoisie and the regional petty bourgeois leaders are united in their effort to destroy the alliance between Syria and Iran.
The Times reported on April 23 that “King Abdullah of Jordan agreed to allow Israeli drones spying on Syria to enter Jordanian airspace… The move, apparently brokered by president Obama during his Middle East trip last month, could significantly change the balance of power in the two-year-old Syrian insurgency against the Assad regime.”
Mohamed Morsi, the new Egyptian petty bourgeoisie leader, has called for the overthrow of Assad and Hamas. Hamas, one of the pillars of the Palestinian resistance, has ended its alliance with Syria as well.
We are opposed to imperialism and all alliances between white imperialism and the Arab petty bourgeoisie against the masses of the people in the Middle East.
We are in support of resistance against U.S. imperialism, Zionist settler colonialist and opportunist sell-out petty bourgeoisie regimes.
The so-called “non-lethal aid” is an increased war effort to re-impose imperialist control over Syria
The increase in “non-lethal aid” is an increase in the war budget and effort against Syria, no matter how imperialism tries to disguise it.
It is an intensification of U.S., British and French aggression against the independence of Syria.
A Reuter’s article on April 21 reported “Speaking after a meeting of the Syrian opposition and its 11 main foreign supporters in Istanbul, Kerry said that the United States would provide an additional $123 million in non-lethal assistance to the rebels, bringing the total of this kind of U.S. help to $250 million. Kerry urged other foreign backers to make similar pledges of assistance with the goal of reaching $1 billion in total international support.”
They used words like the “red line” that Assad should not cross. The struggle for independence from the claws of tyranny and exploitation from imperialism is the real “red line” they are talking about.
The leaders of barbarian aggressor states like those headed by Obama, Netanyahu, Cameron and Hollande are engaged in a life–and-death struggle to prevent a shift in the balance of power in the world at their expense.
Syria and Lebanon are both allies of Iran and are therefore critical forces in the coming shift in the balance of world power.
This struggle between Assad’s Syria and forces aligned to white power has brought out into the open the treacherous and servile character of the Arab petty bourgeoisie in the Middle East and in North Africa.
The African Socialist International supports Syrian resistance to U.S. imperialist aggression
We are in solidarity with the aspirations and legitimate demands of the peoples of the Middle East. We support Syrian resistance against the naked aggression funded by the U.S., France and Britain.
The African Socialist International, a single organization of African workers in alliance with poor peasants, is the natural ally of any one fighting to defeat U.S.-led white imperialism.
We consider the white U.S.-led imperialism to be the main enemy of the peoples of the Middle East, be they Iranians, Kurds, Arabs or others.
The struggles of African people and those of the peoples of the Middle East are an integral part of the international drive of the colonized peoples to reclaim ownership over their lives and resources.
The resistance of Syria and the people against U.S.-led aggression has been going on for two years.
Syria needs solidarity from all oppressed and freedom loving people of the world.
We have to mobilize against all of Obama’s wars; in the Middle East, Africa, South America and inside the U.S. itself.
U.S-led white imperialism will not win in the Middle East. They must be defeated everywhere!
The future of the world is in the hands of colonized people like ourselves, because it is our historical task to destroy the relationship that binds the oppressed and oppressor countries.
We must destroy the pedestal of oppression, upon which sits white imperialism, without which it could not exist.
We are calling on young people not to join sell-out rulers from Saudi, Qatar and other countries in their betrayal of Muslim and Arab peoples, but to join Arab resistance against Zionist settler Israelis and the U.S. ruling class.
Self-determination for all peoples of the Middle East!
Imperialism out of Africa and the Middle East!
All power to the people!


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