Rantings of a Frustrated Black Womban

I hate men
Not some men
But ALL goddamn men
Black men
White men
Bahamian men
French men
Corporate men
Hustlin’ men
Young men
Old men
Nice men
Mean men
All about me men
Never stop talking men
Don’t know what it means to listen men
Selfish men
Have all the answers men
Egotistical men
Think that our kindness means we want to sex them men
Always right men
Sexist men
No respect for us men
Try to run our lives men
Bend the rules men
Get away with murder men
Cheating men
Dishonest men
Go back on their word men
Talk with two tongues men
Look us dead in our eyes and tell a lie men
Demanding men
Empty promises men
Never say thank-you men
Quick to criticize men
Slow to praise men
Some-timey men
Call only when they need something men
Miserable men
Never ask how we’re doing men
Don’t want to hear about our day men
Can’t appreciate a good woman men
Feel they don’t need a woman men
Don’t pull their weight men
Making twice our salary men
Take credit for our ideas men
Silence our voices men
Think that our “little” brains can’t keep up with theirs men
Feel that all we want to do is get in their pants so we can get to their pockets men
Gave up on true love men
I hate men
Who bullshit their way through life
Who have no idea what it means to really, really work
Who think that their words and deeds are heaven sent
Who rely on us – grandmothers, mothers, sisters, aunts, friends, girlfriends, wives – for their success
Success that we rarely attain
Because we spend too much of our time at home, at work, at church
Standing behind them.

Charo is an amateur poet who simply enjoys getting her feelings out on paper.    


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