From the Bahamas: Forward to the Black is Back Mobilization!

WE in the Caribbean have lived with the disappointment of black leadership for many generations now. Our elders thought that black leadership would have led to equal and just societies. But they were wrong, dead wrong.

Independence has been attained, black leadership has been elected, yet our institutions remain the same. The way in which life is lived has gone unchanged; the few (both black and white) possess everything while the many (mostly black) possess nothing. Year after year, the black leaders who promised change, once elected, have only sought to look after their own interests.

In instances where honest attempts have been made to revolutionize our existence, the struggle has been squashed. And in countries where the revolutionary fires cannot be put out scores of people have been made to suffer; our brothers and sisters in Haiti and Cuba can attest to this.

Wherever and whenever black leadership exists happily in the Caribbean, know that all is not well. Know that the concerns of the masses are not on center stage, that they are not being addressed. Know that the “leaders” are only using their position of power to enrich themselves and that they are in bed with the imperialists.

Our brothers and sisters in America are now face to face with this reality. The reality that President Barack Obama is not going to radically change the way that America does business either home or abroad simply because he is black.

Last November, following Obama’s victory, we wrote: “BlackFood has always been critical of Senator Barack Obama and his campaign of rhetoric over substance, and we still believe that his skin color is subordinate to the fact that he is a pro-capitalist/imperialist minded politician.

But we believe in the fighting spirit of African-Americans and we believe that they will continue to fight for more equality, justice and democracy no matter the skin color of their president.

What we at BlackFood are unsure of is, exactly how will Mr. Obama’s victory effect black struggle in the U.S. and worldwide?”

Almost a year later that question is being answered by the Black is Back Coalition ( based in Washington, DC; an African led coalition for social justice, peace and reparations.

The Coalition’s Call to Action states: “The need for this coalition is becoming increasingly obvious to many who have witnessed the paralysis of the African liberation movement within the U.S. subsequent to the election of Barack Hussein Obama as U.S. president. Black is Back is a statement of the re-entry of African people into political life independent of Barack Obama and the Democratic Party. It is a statement that will rally those African people who have experienced political impotence subsequent to Obama’s election. It is also a statement to the peoples of the world that we know the difference in our interests as Africans and those of U.S. imperialism and that they should also know the difference.”

The Coalition acknowledges the unfortunate plight of black and brown peoples in the United States and also decries the oppressive nature of U.S. foreign policy.

Its formation has signaled that African-Americans are on the move once again.

The first plan of action for the Coalition is a Rally and March on the White House to take place November 7, 2009 beginning in Washington, D.C.’s historic Malcolm X Park.

Not only will BlackFood attend this historic March and Rally, we have expressed unity with the principles of the Black is Black Coalition for Social Justice, Peace and Reparations and will serve as an event organizer for the Caribbean region.

We encourage all of our readers who are interested in attending to contact us so that we can assist you with travel plans and also so that we can work together to raise awareness about the event in our region.

Forward to DC!

Charo R. Walker is co-owner of, as website that "aims to not only sell products that reflect the expressions of our culture but to also create a village where the sprits of love, unity, and revolution are ignited."


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