Ramsey Orta, man who recorded Eric Garner’s murder, receives 4-year prison sentence

NEW YORK—Ramsey Orta, the 24-year-old man who videotaped the murder of Eric Garner by NYPD, will now be serving a 4-year prison sentence.

Ramsey has been hounded and harassed by NYPD ever since he recorded them choking Eric Garner to death on July 17, 2014.

Eric, an African man, was approached by NYPD was approached by NYPD and accused of selling untaxed cigarettes before being wrestled to the ground and murdered.

Witnesses have since said that the reason that NYPD cops were harassing Eric was because of a complaint that he lodged against them earlier.

NYPD begins stalking Ramsey and his family

Ramsey’s mother, Emily Mercado, said that NYPD had been following her son ever since he recorded the cops murdering Eric Garner.

“They’ve been following him,” she said. “They’ve been sitting in front of my house. They put spot lights in my window.”

On August 2, 2014, the day after the State ruled Eric Garner’s death a homicide, Ramsey was followed, jumped on and arrested by NYPD pigs.

He was arrested in the same area that Eric Garner was murdered only a few months prior.

The cops claim they didn’t know who Ramsey was which is an obvious lie.

The cops then framed Ramsey with possession of a gun and possession of a small bag of marijuana. The gun and weed were both supposedly found on a 17-year old girl that he was walking with at the time, however, the cops also charged Ramsey with possession of the items.

Ramsey said cops started tailing him when he went out to buy his wife at the time, Chrissie Ortiz, a Yoo-hoo and some Tylenol PM.

“Next thing I know they jump on me,” he said. “They searched me, didn’t find nothing. They searched the girl and found the gun on her.”

Ramsey was arraigned for the gun charges two days later after being released from Richmond University Medical Center. He plead not guilty to charges of weapon possession and was held on a $75,000 bond.

 His now former wife, Chrissie Ortiz, left the courtroom in tears.

“It’s ridiculous,” she said. “It’s obvious he was set up. Who cannot see that?”

Chrissie said police had been harassing Ramsey.

“It’s payback for him exposing what they did to Eric Garner and the bad things that they were doing,” she said.

Chrissie also said that Ramsey believed police were trying to set him up.

“He called me and said, ‘babe, hurry up and come over here. They’re trying to pin something on me,’” she said. “The day after they declare it a homicide, you find someone next to him with a gun, and you saw him pass it off? Out in public when he knows he’s in the public spotlight? It makes no sense.”

Ramsey said, “They didn’t find nothing on me. They didn’t find nothing,”

Emily, Ramsey’s mother, said at the time her son was on suicide watch while in custody.

NYPD continued to terrorize Ramsey and even his mother, Emily.

On February 10, NYPD cops arrested both Ramsey and Emily and charged them with selling crack cocaine, heroin, and marijuana. The cops said they had them on camera selling multiple times to undercover cops.

Both Ramsey and Emily maintained that they were innocent and were being framed by NYPD.

“It’s a frame-up,” yelled Ramsey as officers led him into court before the arraignment.

“It’s total crap,” Orta’s ex-wife, Chrissie, said after the proceeding.

Indeed, it was a frame-up. The State decided that Ramsey actually did not sell drugs to undercover cops after all.

The undercover cops actually approached Ramsey to buy drugs and Ramsey instead sold the cops something that they thought was drugs.

Similar instances happen around the globe. The State preys on starving African communities and promises the Africans money in return for something illegal. This is an easy way for the State to imprison Africans.

In this particular instance however, Ramsey outsmarted the cops and gave them something counterfeit.

The State still decided to charge Ramsey, lowering the charge from selling cocaine to stealing money from the cops. The cops gave Ramsey money for fake drugs, then charged him with stealing the money from them.

NYPD tries to poison Ramsey

While Ramsey was incarcerated, the State attempted to poison him by putting rat poison on his food.

He found out before he ate the food. This underscores the brutality and desperate measures the State uses to oppress African and poor communities.

Ramsey remarried in December 2015 to Jessica Orta. NYPD continued to harass him and arrested him again shortly after charging him with domestic violence.

Jessica made a video while Ramsey was still in jail which included this statement:

 “I’m shooting this video today to address some of the things coming out of the media. Everyone knows that Ramsey and I had somewhat of a whirlwind relationship and we got married very quickly. And anyone who is in a relationship like that, there are bound to be issues. So we had a couple. However, it has gotten to the point where NYPD has escalated it past any reasonable level. And now Ramsey is in custody. For those of you who are familiar with his case, after shooting the video of Eric Garner’s murder by Daniel Pantalea, he’s been under extreme attack by NYPD. He’s been harassed in various forms and that hasn’t stopped. We know that the last time he was in custody, they tried to poison him. He had to do a hunger strike. Had he not gotten out, he might not be alive today. I can’t believe people have tried to kill him at this point. I mean, it’s fucking insane.”

The State is relentless in its oppression of African people

NYPD continued its retaliatory assault on Ramsey.

On July 8, 2016, Ramsey plead guilty to weapons charges – the same case in which NYPD framed him with a gun.

“I’m tired of fighting,” Ramsey said.

He will now be facing up to 4 years in prison.

Ramsey will be sentenced on October 3rd.

Black Community Control of Police!

We in the African community need power of our lives.

We need Black Community Control of the Police to stop this continued assault of the State on our families.

The only way that we in the African community will ever have that is by taking power.

The only way to take power is through revolution.

The African People’s Socialist Party makes it clear that there will be no revolution that is not lead by the African people worldwide.

Ramsey should not be sentenced to prison as well as the scores of other Africans that are currently in prison.

This is genocide – plain and simple.

Join the African People’s Socialist Party in order to bring about the change that is needed!

Revolution is the only solution!


Sign the petition!


Join the African People’s Socialist Party!



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