Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton pledges allegiance to Israel

WASHINGTON DC––The Democratic party’s presidential candidate Hillary Clinton spoke to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) on March 21, 2016 to garner support from the group in her race for president.

Clinton spoke to the relationship between the U.S. and Israel and gave her word to do whatever it takes to maintain this relationship as well as protect the interests of the settler State of Israel.

She spoke of the many friends she has in the committee and her many visits to Israel. One of Clinton’s most insidious moments was when she referred to Israel as a “democratic homeland for the Jewish people” and a “bastion of liberty.”

Clinton went on to condemn the Palestinians––who are in the struggle against Israeli occupation––as extremist and terrorists. She never mentions, however, the fact that Israel sits on land that was stolen from the people of Palestine.

The candidate spoke of the “brutal terrorist stabbings” and how Israeli parents are afraid to send their children to school. Hillary Clinton spoke to the committee as if she was truly clueless to the brutal occupation of Palestine by Israel for the past 68 years.

She spoke as if she knows nothing about the displacement of Palestinians in order to make room for Jews coming from thousands of miles away from different parts of Europe.

The legitimate criticism of Israel’s right to Palestinian land was dismissed by the presidential candidate as “anti-semitic,” while branding the Palestinian people as “terrorist” for resisting their occupation.

She painted the false picture of Israel being the real victims in a world that is out to get them.

Her only agenda was to bow and kiss the feet of Israel and its’ supporters. She’s good at it too. Clinton almost appears as if she believes her own hype. 

U.S. and Israel: A dangerous duo

The U.S. is usually sympathetic to Israel and any other occupying force in the world. This is because the U.S. is one of the places where occupation and oppression was perfected.

Hillary Clinton has taken this relationship to the next level during this particular visit to AIPAC. She wants to “take [U.S. and Israel’s] alliance to the next level.”

This next level promises to be a dangerous level for the Palestinian people and anyone else who gets in the way of whatever Israel wants.

Clinton proposed a ten-year defense memorandum. She insisted that Israel must be able to defend itself. This memorandum includes arming Israel with nuclear weapons.

She dropped the names of missiles as if she was talking about different brands of shoes.

Israel has no need to defend anything and definitely not with the use of nuclear weapons. Israel simply needs to give the Palestinian people back their stolen land.

The presidential candidate and the U.S.’ is also interested in arming Israel with nuclear weapons in order to indirectly keep Iran in check.

Hillary Clinton has no problem painting whatever picture she needs to when it comes to Israel. There is an agenda and it is a dangerous one for the Palestinians and all those who resist imperialism.

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