Pope Francis is not a friend of oppressed African people!

LONDON–On November 25, 2015, pope Francis took a 6-day trip to Africa, where he visited Uganda, Kenya and the Central African Republic.


This trip took place on the trail of imperialists’ rapacious looting and destruction, which have stolen our people, wealth and consciousness over the last four centuries.


The pope’s self-defined mission is to bridge the gaps between Muslims and Christians. According to The Guardian, he stated, “How important it is that we be seen as prophets of peace, peacemakers who invite others to live in peace, harmony and mutual respect.”


He met the representatives of Islam and Christianity in Kenya where he spoke on climate change. He never talked about social transformation or ending status quo, however.


White imperialist leaders and personalities love our impotence so that they can play the role of the savior from neocolonial poverty in view of cameras and photographers.


The main contradiction is not between religious groups but between social forces. There can’t be peace under slavery, nor can there be peace under neocolonialism.


There can be no compromise between the African workers and peasants who are forced to live on less on than $2 a day and the compradors and bureaucrats of the African petty bourgeoisie that bathe in wealth stolen from the people.


Between the white imperialist bourgeoisie, for whom the pope works, and the African working class, there is no compromise.


Catholic church in Africa is an imperialist ideological tool for African population control    


In many African countries, the catholic church has been the institution most responsible for the indoctrination of the African population in order to facilitate a development and acceptance of servile attitude in favor of imperialism’s exploitation.


The catholic church is also responsible for the petty bourgeois education of many of the African petty bourgeois cadres who have sold African’s future since the flag independence.


Joseph Malula, the catholic bishop of Kinshasa and Fulbert Youlou, the president of The Republic of Congo (DRC) were key church leaders mobilized by the vatican against African revolution, as they vociferously and energetically worked to overthrow Patrice Lumumba, the anti-colonial leader of the DRC between 1958 and 1961.


In colonial Africa, next to the army, the church is the most organized bourgeois institution, ready to be mobilized against the African revolution.

Teaching materialism to the African working class to stop religious obscurantism and opportunism in Africa


We want the African masses to become aware of their own material interests: three meals a day for all, free access for all to modern medical facilities, free access to education, economic development and industrialization and access for all to electric national grid.


The masses are to be taught African Internationalism, which is the science of the African working class in deconstructing and overthrowing parasitic capitalism.


We want the masses to come to terms that the solution is in revolution to unify Africa and African people all over the world. The visit of the pope is a distraction.


The people need to understand that the pope’s organization, the catholic church, which is headquartered in the vatican, is a criminal organization which lives off the wealth stolen around the world from poor people.


The people must understand that the church is involved in all kinds criminal behavior: money laundering, sexual exploitation of underage boys, etc.


Why did pope Francis go to Africa? With Africa’s growing population, the catholic church––which owns properties in the form of land, schools and houses––has enormous opportunity to increase its wealth at our expense.


If current trends continue, we can expect the global catholic population to increase by about 372 million between 2015 and 2050. This would represent 29 percent growth during this period and result in the 2050 catholic population numbering 1.64 billion.


With the rise of China, India and all other countries which have decided to take advantage of parasitical capitalism’s framework to enrich themselves like Europeans did and continue to do, the pope’s ideological role to control the thought process in Africa––to keep our people in ignorance and loyal to white power––is even more critical than ever.


Pope Francis is a liar like all white imperialist leaders


Pope Francis is presented and likes to present himself as a humble man, a pope of the people.


We do not judge anyone by what they think of themselves, but by what they are in the society and the relationship they have with the oppressed peoples.


This pope may be humble, but he does not live on $1 dollar a day, he doesn’t have to be concerned about starving, police brutality murder and mother’s infant mortality.


According to The Economist, “The catholic church national operating budget in the U.S. alone is $170 billion.” http://gawker.com/liquidate-the-catholic-church-1460133203This is a humble budget.


The pope lied when he said: “All too often, young people are being radicalized in the name of religion to sow discord and fear and to tear at the very fabric of society.”


The radicalization has a history and a material basis; it is over 500 years of assault on Africa, the Americas and Middle-East, etc.


Radicalization is the direct result of imperialist wars of aggression against oppressed peoples. The invasion of Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Libya, Syria and Mali have all contributed in convincing oppressed Muslims that there is war against Islam and Muslims by U.S.-led white power.


The other aspect is that it is widely reported that Saudi Arabia and Qatar have paid several billions of dollars to various religious organizations to promote what is known as the radicalization of young people.


Saudi Arabia and Qatar’s ruling classes are also portrayed as great friends and investors in the U.S., France, UK and other imperialist countries.


Africa’s missing element is the revolutionary party for the world wide African revolution


We do not need the pope’s message of love for the oppressed and peace with the oppressor. We only need one message. The message of revolution and unification of Africa. This comes from only one place: Chairman Omali Yeshitela and the African Socialist International (ASI).


We need to build ASI everywhere in Africa and across the worldwide African nation. The primary role of the Party is to accelerate the teaching and spreading of African Internationalism.


Secondly, the Party is concerned with consolidation of the training of cadres capable to reach out and organize the African workers and masses everywhere against this imperialist order which requires us to be slaves forever. Africa must smash this imperialist order. Revolution is the only viable alternative!


Wait no more! Join today! Smash neocolonialism! Smash imperialism in Africa! Build the African Socialist International!


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