Poetry in Motion: Self Affirmation

I am the stuff of legend
only talked about in the circles of men
who’ve heard and want to seek me out
They want to conjure the spirit of this woman
so they can see what they cannot touch and speak to
what they cannot feel
Black voiced and fisted
I am the rebuttal of all of your negative connotations
See I must’ve forgot who I was when I was loving this thing
But then I had to see what the legends say about
this woman of intelligence and grace
this woman of beauty and spiritual existence

I, woman, cape fluttering in the wind
a supernatural being able to capture the criminally inane
rescuing them from their bullshit driven lives,
                                                             Is this legendary being
Its like I am seed that needs water
Can your knowledge and overstanding be my water
so that you can see me flower
But maybe that might be too easy a revelation for you
See I almost think I forgot who I was
but then suddenly it became clear
and I disappeared and became Legend


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