Party Cadre Intensive trains African revolutionaries


ST PETERSBURG, Fl–At the time of the publishing of this issue of The Spear, African People’s Socialist Party (APSP) members, members of the Uhuru Movement and our allies from various parts of the world are in St. Petersburg, Florida participating in a monthlong intensive training program organized by the Party.
The APSP Cadre Intensive is strategically organized for the purpose of providing ideological, theoretical and practical training while developing discipline and stamina in the participants.
The curriculum of the intensive is put together with surgical precision to enable the participants to take full advantage of the unprecedented opportunities offered to anti-colonial struggles the world over by the severe crisis of imperialism.
It is an African Internationalist boot camp designed to develop members into cadres.
The Cadre Intensive is the vision of Chairman Omali Yeshitela who stated in his Political Report to the Sixth Party Congress: “It is on the Party’s shoulders to politically educate and train the world’s revolutionary forces.
“Today our Party is working to implement the same cadre-building process that Chariman Mao’s Communist Party in China laid out in 1937, more than 75 years ago.”
Below you will find statements from some of the participants about their experiences in the Intensive.
1. Luwezi Kinshasa—Lon­don, England:
I have travelled from London as a member of the African Peo­ple’s Socialist Party to take part at our historical Party Intensive to join other comrades from Sweden, Norway and elsewhere at a train­ing institution of the Party aimed at providing the necessary skills re­quired to begin the transformation of the European front of the African revolution.
It is a unique and groundbreak­ing experience that will make our struggle successful.
Long Live the Party Intensive!
2. Waleeah Brooks—Newark, New Jersey:
“Who are we? We are the Afri­can People’s Socialist Party, com­rade! Why are we here? To be a cadre, comrade!”
This is how Secretary General Gaida Kambon convenes the cad­re school every morning.
This call and response not only energizes the forces but recon­firms on a daily basis why Africans all around the world would take a month off in the summer to trek to St. Petersburg, Florida.
This cadre school is designed to strengthen all participants’ physi­cal, political and emotional well-being.
In as little as seven days, par­ticipants have read and discussed the history of dialectical and his­torical materialism, the theory of African Internationalism and how it informs the work of the Party.
We also learned about the State and the history of Africa. We learned to live collectively and to work as units and how to create a Plan Of Action.
All in all, despite dealing with day-to-day conditions as a colo­nized African, I realize that the only way to overturn the ruling class is to attend the APSP Cadre Intensive.
So when SG Gaida asks “Why are you here,” I say “To become a cadre, comrade!”
3. Antonieta Gomes—Oslo, Norway:
One thing I love in St. Pete is this wonderful weather, and being here in the Cadre Intensive of the best sons and daughters of Africa is really good for me.
I have a lot to learn!
These comrades have been great company! It’s always a good stay with those sisters and brothers who share my views!
These people are hungry for revolution. These people breathe revolution and fight for revolution!
This is our struggle!
4. Juan Samaniego Batres— California, Occupied Mexico:
As the Uneasy Equilibrium of parasitic capitalism is crum­bling, the physical use of Afri­can Internationalism is the road to revolution for Africans and all oppressed people of the world.
This Cadre Intensive of the APSP has given us ground­breaking theory, physical edu­cation, and practice for us to take and struggle along with our people anywhere that they are in the world.
As a Mexicano, I see Afri­can Internationalism as the only dialectical method to get rid of white parasitic capitalism that still exists and affects us to this day.
The practice of it will show the road for African and op­pressed people of the world to rise up and become the sub­jects, not the objects, of our his­tory and future.
5. Makda Yohannes— Stockholm, Sweden:
Uhuru! I’ve been on the in­tensive for one week now and it has been beyond great. I’ve learned so much, and being at the Uhuru House with my com­rades is very inspiring.
I love the combination and level of the physical and theo­retical education.
I really appreciate the work­shop around dialectical mate­rialism. It has been beneficial in so many ways, and I see al­ready how that specific work­shop has helped me understand African Internationalism on a much deeper level.
One of the most important things I’ve realized being here is how many things you actually can get done in a short matter of time if you plan it.
This will be helpful to me as I lead up the ASI Europe work. The APSP knows that imperial­ism is in crisis and I’ve been told by the leadership about the sig­nificance of “seizing the time.”
Being at the Intensive in St. Pete with dedicated comrades really showed me that imperi­alism is a dying force and that the future belongs to the African working class.
This is one step forward to­wards our liberation as a peo­ple. When we win it will be be­cause the Party has succeeded in carrying out the tasks of the revolution!
We are winning!
Long Live the African People’s Socialist Party!


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