Build African Martyrs Day 2015!

Africa on the Ascendancy: The Party in Motion!

The African People’s Socialist Party calls on all African revolutionaries of all countries to raise high, in a revolutionary manner, the heroic memory of all our fallen martyrs, of all those in every city, village community and country where they fell, as evidence of the determination of our people to fight every battle on every front until victory has been won.

On February 21, we should commemorate those conscious freedom fighters, those who have lost their lives to terroristic police violence, white vigilante violence and colonial violence in general. The names and photos of fallen martyrs in your community must be held up high as we fight colonialism on every front.

Go to Institutionalize February 21 as the Day of the African Martyr! or the 1981 APSP resolution calling for Day of the African Martyr.

ST PETERSBURG, FL–February 21, 2015 will mark the 50th Anniversary of the assassination of our beloved African patriot, Malcolm X (El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz).
Malcolm died in a barrage of bullets from gunmen doing the bid of the U.S. government’s military/counterinsurgency plan, COINTELPRO, aimed at defeating the Black Revolution of the Sixties.
In 1981 at the Party’s first congress in Oakland, California the observance of February 21st was resolved to be The Day of the African Martyr.
The Party and other African revolutionaries have organized commemorations throughout the world to honor those who fell in the war against white power colonialism, since that day.
The African People’s Socialist Party has long raised the slogan, “Touch One! Touch All!” The slogan grew out of the Party’s ever developing, revolutionary theory of African Internationalism.
The theory of African Internationalism  lets us understand that when we say “Touch One! Touch All!”  we are talking about more than Touch Malcolm! Touch All! Touch Lumumba, Dr King or Sobukwe –  Touch all.
We are talking about more than about Touch Fred and Carl Hampton, Huey P. Newton, Kwame Nkrumah or Dedan Kimathi or Lil’ Bobby Hutton! or Walter Rodney-   Touch all.
All of the above comrades were conscious leaders of the African Liberation Movement throughout the African world.
Martyrdom, however, must be extended to ordinary Africans whose lives also have been snuffed out by colonial powers.
Africans who resisted and were murdered and those who the people raised to martyrdom in protest of our relationship to colonialism, everywhere we are, must also be held up as martyrs as we forward our struggle.
Therefore, when they touched Mike Brown, Eric Garner, TyRon Lewis, Renisha McBride,  Ezell Ford, John Crawford III, Tamir Rice, Trayvon Martin, Oury Jalloh, Lovelle Mixon, Hydra Lacy, Kimani Gray, Ramarley Graham, Oscar Grant, Ricky Bishop, Sean Bell, Amadou Diallo, Marquel McCullough, Karvis Gamble, Aiyana Jones, Nathaniel Lee III, Derek Bennett and Jimmy Mubenga, they touched us all!
When the police broke down the doors and fired two shotgun blasts into the body of 66 year old Eleanor Bumpers in New York and when they kicked in the doors and murdered seven year old Ayana Jones, in Detroit, they touched us!
The brutal police murder of 93-year old Pearlie Golden in Hearne, Texas along with the countless others murdered under colonial domination – we hold up in African Martyrdom.
We take this lead from the heroic people of Palestine where every victim of Israeli Occupation is carried through the streets as fuel for the living to struggle on and not fear death, the number one weapon the oppressors use against the oppressed.
To this end we commemorate the Day of the African Martyr – 2015.
We call on all African organizations and revolutionaries all over the world to hold Day of the African Martyr events in your community.
Long Live Lil' Bobby Hutton!

Long Live Mike Brown!


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