OPR hires racist from Mills College to teach youth tennis in Oakland

Comments from Mills College Newspaper prior to Marc Weinstein being fired for
more serious racial and sexist remarks on campus. Issue should be addressed
by the Mayor. Inner-city youth should be encouraged to participate without the
stereotypes and attitudes expressed by Mr. Marc Weinstein. The citizens of Oakland
have asked for a recall on this decesion and hope the Mayor will step up and do her part.

“I would like to apologize to all who were offended by my recent comments.
I recognize that my choice of words evoked racial stereotypes and were hurtful and have no place in an inclusive, respectful community.
While it is deeply disturbing to recognize that my words caused hurt, I am heartened to be affiliated with the Mills Community which strives to ensure the well-being of all of its members”.

Marc Weinstein – Former head Tennis Coach Mills College

Athletic Directors comments following incident.
“Although we may have good intentions, it is clear that our action in this particular case reinforced harmful stereotypes and was hurtful. For that I am profoundly sorry. Such comments hurt not only those who share the backgrounds referred to in the statement, but they degrade the humanity within each of us. APER can and will do better. We view challenges and conflict as opportunities for dialogue, understanding, and coming together. Just as a trained athlete learns from her mistakes, I expect and am confident that APER will continue to be leaders in fostering mutual respect and will use this incident as a catalyst to learn how we can better serve all of our students. We will be using our APER and DSL resources to enhance our training and develop strategies to integrate intercultural best practices”.

-Themy Adachi, Director of Athletics Mills College

Professor Bruce Williams of Mills College was also disrespected and is speaking out about the racial and sexist actions of Marc Weinstein and how this behavior should not be rewarded by Oakland’s political leadership. The OaklandTennis.net, and inner-city youth sports and education would like to thank everyone for helping out on the phone campaign to OPR which helped remove Fred Morris from his supervisory role at Davie Tennis Stadium. The next step is to mobilize efforts to expose the truth about Mr. Weinstein’s racist remarks at Mills which is totally inappropriate for a leader in Oakland, CA.

Questions and comments:
Larry Atkins Jr.
(510) 830-7643


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