“Omali Yeshitela Speaks” is released and people are speaking back! pt.2

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Mumia Abu Jamal

What Omali Yeshitela presents in this book is “African Internationalism.” As Chairman of the St. Petersburg-headquartered African People’s Socialist Party, Yeshitela speaks movingly of the meaning of the emergence of the imagery of Che Guevara, and why young people the world over are drawn to his powerful life example.

It is simply stated that Che was a “doer,” not a rapper, and what he did was make revolution against the empire. Yeshitela deftly explains why kids are drawn to his example, and what it means for the Black Revolution as well.

What is at the core of Yeshitela’s speeches is an all-out assault on the white empire; an internationalism against the empire and its various neo-colonies — whether in Africa, Latin America or among the American bourgeoisie.

These are fighting words, and as such, some will be upset with his opinions and speeches. So be it. The condition of black America — and indeed, every community of African life — is so grave, so dire, so horrendous that to move folks from quiet acquiescence to action will take some upsetting.

From his ideas of African Socialism, to his anti-war and anti-imperialism speech against the latest war, to his remembrances of Malcolm X, Fred Hampton and other African resistance fighters, Yeshitela gives us food for thought and, hopefully, fuel for action.

It is hoped that young people, especially, take the time to read this book so that it can feed their heads about the world, about empire and about the necessity for revolution.

Mumia Abu Jamal is a former Black Panther Party member and a political prisoner who was framed for the killing of a Philadelphia police officer. He is also the author of “We Want Freedom: A Life in the Black Panther Party

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