No charges will be filed for the murder of African teen Kendrick Johnson

VALDOSTA, GA––The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) announced on June 20, 2016,  that there would be no charges filed in the death of African teen Kendrick Johnson.

The DOJ stated that they “found insufficient evidence to support federal criminal charges.”

Kendrick was murdered and his body later found in Lowndes High School gym in Valdosta, GA on January 11, 2013.

The two individuals believed to have either murdered or have knowledge of how Kendrick was murdered are brothers Brian and Branden Bell.

The two Bell brothers were classmates of Kendrick. They are also both the sons of FBI agent Rick Bell.

Kendrick’s parents, Jackie and Kenneth Johnson, say that Kendrick was antagonized by the Bell brothers and other students on numerous occasions before.

State and local authorities want us to believe that Kendrick died in a freak accident after getting stuck upside down in a gym mat while retrieving his shoe.

The State’s ridiculous and bogus “explanation” can be disproven many times over.

The State always lies!

Once we understand that the State is incapable of telling the truth, it is simple to disprove anything the State wants us to believe.

The State wants us to believe that Kendrick fell into a gym mat while trying to reach his shoe and suffocated to death.

There are many reasons why we know this did not happen.

Kendrick could not have fit into the rolled up gym mat without being forced in. His shoulders were wider than the hole that his body was found in, making it incapable for him to just “fall” into the hole.

Even if Kendrick had fallen in (face first, as the State would have us believe) his legs would have still been partially sticking out. Cameras show students going into the gym minutes after Kendrick and they did not see his legs, feet, or any other part of him sticking out of the gym mat.

Also, Kendrick would have been yelling for help if he had fallen and gotten stuck in the mat. Again, no students heard anything.

The gym mats are all 6 foot 2 inches tall. If Kendrick’s shoe had fallen into the bottom of the mat, he would have known that he could not possibly retrieve his shoe by simply reaching for it. Kendrick was 5 foot 10 inches tall, he wouldn’t have been able to just reach down and grab his shoe. The shoe would have been out of his reach.

Also there is the issue with Kendrick’s body. His family was not allowed to even see his body for days after. They were only showed a picture to identify him.

His father saw Kendrick for the first time after his death, the day before his body was sent to the coroner’s office at Georgia Bureau of Investigations 150 miles away.

His father, Kenneth, noticed that Kendrick’s nails were cut short and said that he never cut his nails short. Kendrick’s fingernails would have provided DNA of whoever attacked him.

After the State’s coroner returned the body, they returned it without his clothes, which would also have been able to be checked for blood splatters and his attacker’s DNA.

Once Kendrick was buried, his parents, with good reason, did not trust the State. They requested his body to be exhumed and hired their own pathologist for a separate autopsy.

Kendrick’s body was stuffed with newspaper

Upon his body being exhumed, the family hired pathologist, Dr. William Anderson, gave a different account than the State autopsy.

Dr. Anderson said the cause of Kendrick’s death was “blunt force trauma” to the right side of the neck and jaw, the same area in which the EMT had noted bruising. Anderson described the injuries as “unexplained, apparent non-accidental blunt force trauma.”

The U.S. DOJ even agreed with the findings of Dr. Anderson and subsequently opened their own “investigation.”

The second autopsy by Dr. Anderson revealed Kendrick’s organs were gone, and his body was stuffed with newspaper.

In order to investigate whether or not Kendrick really did die of asphyxia (whether he smothered to death), his lungs would have had to be examined. But his lungs, as well as other organs were missing.

While the funeral home, Harrington Funeral Home, that held Kendrick does not deny putting newspaper in his body, they do not know where his organs are. The funeral home states that when the coroner’s office at Georgia Bureau of Investigations (GBI) sent them the body, it was without organs.  

GBI, however, said they sent the body with organs to the funeral home. Soon after, GBI investigated the funeral home and found that the funeral home “didn’t violate any rules.”

Kendrick’s organs were never found.

White power is as vicious today as it has always been!

White ruling class media deems the death of Kendrick Johnson as “mysterious.” However, there is nothing remotely mysterious about the murder of this African child.

He was brutally, beaten, murdered and stuffed into a gym mat.

White power is as vicious today as it was since the day that it kidnapped Africans from Africa and brought them to this country.

White power is as hideous today as it was when white people slaughtered and raped the millions of Indigenous people on this continent, purposefully giving them deadly diseases and cutting their scalps off to sell them to other white people.

It is as wicked today as it was when they would burn African bodies, cut off and sell African men’s sexual organs, and rape African children and women.

It is as despicable today as it was when it dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, killing and maiming hundreds of thousands of Japanese, and three days later dropping another atomic bomb on Nagasaki, killing hundreds of thousands more.

White power is as depraved today as it was when it allowed young Emmitt Till to be beaten, mutilated and murdered while the murders walked free.

White power is imperialism. And imperialism will be destroyed!

Join the African People’s Socialist Party!

The African People’s Socialist Party (APSP) knows how to handle the question of imperialism.

The answer is simple­­––revolution.

A revolution led by the APSP will overturn the social system that oppresses Africans and oppressed people worldwide.

“Never,” remarks Chairman of the APSP Omali Yeshitela, “has the decline of imperialism exposed itself in such absolute terms. Never has the future been so bleak for imperialism… and so bright for the struggling and oppressed peoples of the world.”

Imperialism is in its last stages, and we should continue to stomp the life out of this parasitic, hideous system.

Only then will we have justice for young Kendrick Johnson.

Fists Up! Fight Back!

We are winning!


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