New Operating System Defeats Big Brother Everywhere

A few years ago when the first stable bootable operating systems came out, many users, even experienced
ones were leery of them. Horror stories abounded online. Boot blocks wiped out. People not realizing
they had clicked on “install” buttons. Now, half a decade later – the KNOPPIX system really shines as
a universally compatible bootable OS. I’m going to paste in some of their pre-release promotional copy below.
It really is the most succinct way to tell you everything this little disc of dynamite does.

Sadly, both US Federal agents and the Microsoft corporation are playing cloak and dagger games with
bootable operating systems. They defeat almost every method of spying online – Knoppix users
literally “disappear off the radar” from day one. In addition, there is no evidence of any sort left on the local machine.
Make sure, if you value security and privacy, to get your ISOs from known sources. There are a couple of libertarian
organizations online that look after you in this respect. Too many people seem to feel that privacy is only for
criminals. In this age of identity theft, electronic stalking behaviour, electronic banking, spyware and trojan horses – everybody needs the kind of security. Knoppix is ideal for single women with web presence, kids who game and chat with friends, the elderly living alone, and anyone who is sick of speniding hours keeping personal data off the internet.

In addition, if you boot from a usb drive, you can use your system as a dvd player or jukebox,
with almost any configuration. All codecs, media players, evreything you need is in the bundle.
You can burn CD’s for friends with K3b – even from a memory stick. Unbelievable.


Trading Mp3 files and movies online. Copy and paste the ‘wget ‘ command line from the website
and there are more file sharing programs than you can shake a stick at. RIAA? Boot up and you were never there.

A single system shared by roommates or friends. More than just an account on a hard drive your entire
OS and all your files fit on a USB flash drive.

Learners – you can’t make a mistake. You can’t mess anything up. Just reboot and the whole thing is fixed.

Bypassing any existing Windows security or passwords. Forget your password at work and need to download a bunch of important files? BOOT UP.

Crooks and Mafiosos? Sure. But they’re off eating spaghetti or robbing a bank, this is the WWW we’re talking about.

Getting around, hacking, beating parental controls, netnanny, and that sort of local censor software….

Getting into and exploring public networks like the library, schools etc.

Welcome to Knoppix 8 Deluxe

This is the most recent CD release of the popular Knoppix OS, and has several improvements over previous releases. The same incredible crossplatform compatibility and ease of use as Knoppix 7, but with improved
usability, compatibility, and the DOS features so many users asked for. Just our DOS utilities alone have accounted for 2,000,000 downloads this year – spreading Knoppix freedom and cheer all over the world of doze. We have patched the security holes in Knoppix 6 and 7, recompiled the kernal and removed the back doors in some common distros – with a little help from our friends.

Use checksum utility to confirm your iso.

Special Differences in KNOPPIX 8:


Cheatcodes autoentry menu on bootup, allows multiple compatible cheats. f5
DOS based emergency partition tools and data recovery utilities, RESCUE. f6
Win Password Recovery Boot – gives you the passwords you maybe forgot 🙂 . f7
WinSpoof – Boot into WINE desktop. (Preconfigured only.) f8

  • The new kiso knoppix ISO maker to use the knoppix bootfrom=/dev/uba/knoppix.iso , can make an iso of current cd on any storage media and then reboot from it directly. Fromhd modified to allow drive access if booting from FDD.

-WineDozer utility to create or use a local doze installation for system files. WInedozer also makes sure relative file paths are accurate and mimics a standard desktop environment to lauch from error trapping within WINEDOZER.

  • Atekon directory to autoinstall klik downloaded applications.
  • The kxmas, Knoppix tailored package manager with step by step menu guided install and customize
    features. Crossport features allow compatible packages from most popular linux flavors to be test installed,
    and easily removed as well.
  • Tor pre-integrated with Firefox for anonymous browsing and new remailer features.
  • New firewall with dozens of custom rule sets and proxy configurations to choose from.
  • Emulators from history – MESS, the multi emulator super system in Knoppix! (ROMS not included.)
  • Kwiz – Improved wireless scanning, signal detection, strength meter and connection wizard – can be used
    with IRDA and BT devices as well.
  • Repackage your existing knoppix install with choice of integrating both swap file and saved environments –
    into a freely distributable bootable version. Get your whole community online – YOUR WAY.
  • Batch remove unused applications with a menu driven interface.
  • Knoppix 8 NETPACK options – DVD version features multiconfigured network tools for file sharing, webcasting and locally hosting many different services.

“Man, Knoppix has changed my life. None of those trojans, spyware problems, big brother issues – nada.
People afraid of playing with Linux are morons to not try this OS just once. You just pop it in your CD drive
and boot up and you are online like a ghost! Power off when you’re done – you were NEVER THERE!
No thumbnails, no history, no visited urls, no swap file garbage – nothing!
Windows security? Password issues? Just boot up and you’re in like Flynn!” – Alex Maserjian, Boulder, CO

“Knoppix 7 can do anything any OS can do – better. Just make an ISO on your hard drive and see how fast it
runs, and WHISPER QUIET too if you’re used to the cd chatter. It makes an old system hum and a new one fly. K3b is now my total music factory.” – Tom Cohan, Melbourne, AU

“I’m sorry to say I discovered Knoppix because the DOS boot utilities were the only way for me to rescue my other OS from a big problem. One day I booted it and went into Knoppix without noticing it. I just thought my desktop wallpaper had changed. I was online and halfway through my emails when I realized
I was using a whole different OS – it was faster and so SLICK.” – Karen Harben, Ontario, CA

“I was using Arabbix distro until I found I could integrate all packages and language functions
with Knoppix 8. I use Arabbix in my classroom too – so the children can learn reading and writing on computers like in Europe. The new firewall and connection utilities are very friendly to new users.”
Mira Aziz, Kuwait

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