Neocolonial violence endured by Africans in Libya shocks the world

A CNN report on the auctioning and brutalization of Africans showed on French television on 15 November shook the world, leading to black people’s spontaneous mass demonstrations on the streets of France, Belgium, London and also across Africa.

Social media was flooded with angry and disgusted Africans demanding an end to slavery and chanting, “Free our brothers!”

10,000 Africans from across Africa demonstrated outside the Libyan embassy and on the streets of France demanding: “Free our brothers!” and Sarkozy Criminal.“

Posters with effigies of black presidents were torn and burned.

Despite the boycott by white media of these demonstrations, we noticed that white leaders and African neocolonial presidents were forced to say something as if to give an impression that they care or are concerned about the plight of African workers and poor peoples.

Although the slogans were not impressive, the number of Africans on the streets of Paris was fantastic and showed a promising new thing to come: the emergence of mass black power movement in Europe.

Why did CNN wait 7 years to broadcast this report?

We know that certain liberal newspapers and NGOs have been reporting this African nightmare for almost 7 years.

Why all of sudden has CNN discovered images of Africans in cages being sold for $400 and photos of black women objectified as sex slaves ?

NATO prides itself for putting the new “jihadi” bandit groups in power.

We remember the macabre celebration by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and other leaders after the assassination of Colonel Gaddafi .

Do we remember NATO’s propaganda touting that Gaddafi was being defended by black troops?

In this way, they were able to justify and cover up the hunting and the massacre of black peoples by Al Qaida and other jihadi fighters NATO supported in order to bomb Gaddafi out of power.

African “migrants” and Africans from Libya were attacked

The CNN succeeded in putting masses of Africans into spontaneous motion around the conditions of “migrants” in Libya, and placing the blame on Muslim Arab traffickers rather than on NATO’s carpet-bombing of Libya between March 2011 and October 2011.

It is clear that the CNN, as a mouthpiece of U.S. imperialism in decline, was seeking to channel the anger of Africans away from white power and toward Arabs and Muslims in general.

We are clear that CNN is not against enslavement of African people today, for the simple reason that it originates from inside the U.S.

There are nearly 2 millions Africans legally caged because of the bogus “war on drugs” in U.S. prisons working almost for nothing for the benefit of private U.S. companies.

Where is the outrage?

NATO, Obama, Sarkozy and Cameron destroyed Libya’s economic infrastructures

During that short interval from March 2011 to October 2011, Obama, Cameron and Sarkozy planes destroyed essential factories and infrastructure of the Libyan economy, creating conditions of mass unemployment, tribal rivalries and banditry throughout Libya.

It was their imperialist aggression of Libya and overthrowing of Gaddafi’s government that resulted in the immediate basis of kidnapping, trafficking and brutal exploitation of Africans coming across Libya as a transit place, in search of better life in Europe.

White power, and their neocolonial African and Arab puppets knew all along about the situation of Africans who are forced to travel to Europe via North Africa and the Middle East to escape the terror of the world imperialist political economy imposed on Africa.

In violation of the UN resolution, despite its treacherous character, Obama and his allies overthrew the legitimate government, murdered Gaddafi and destroyed the political economy of Libya.

Jihadi Islamists united with NATO in their opposition to Gaddafi’s Africanist policies

Gaddafi considered himself as an heir of Abdel Nasser, the Egyptian anti-colonial leader of the 1950s and early 60s.

It was only after the U.S. and its allies succeeded in imposing international sanction on Libya with the treacherous U.N Resolution 748 of 31 March 1992; Resolution 883 of 11 November 1993 and Resolution 1192 of 27 August 1998, that the devastating effects on the Libyan sovereignty begin.

The pretext to unleash these sanctions was that Gaddafi refused to hand over two intelligence officers accused of carrying out the Lockerbie bombing.

In the absence of Arab solidarity with Libya, Gaddafi “embarked upon a radical reorientation of Libyan foreign policy in which he positioned himself as an African leader.” (The Eastern Asia)

It is no secret that Gadaffi bank-rolled the African Union and many African governments.

This was accepted inside Libya by Arab jihadi petty bourgeoisie despite the fact that Libya is in Africa and 20 percent of its population was Africans.

This sector of the Arab petty bourgeoisie does not see any other role for African people other than to be oppressed and exploited.

The brutal dehumanization endured by Africans in the hands of Arab leaders is not a new thing to be discovered in Libya by CNN explorers, but the current brutal mistreatment of Africans has an immediate political reason: an opposition by the jihadi Islamist movement opposed to the unification of Africa, for which Gaddafi openly called.

The Al Qaida, Daesh and other similar groups are calling for unity of Muslims.

The practicality of their point of view means a war on black people, whether they are from Libya or not.

This truth does not ignore the fact white imperialism also is opposed to the unification of Africa, thus the decision to overthrow the government of Gaddafi.

Documentaries showing many of women detained in inhuman conditions have been shown on television and social media.

 Although North Africa and Middle East has a history of enslaving Africans, it has been the European assault of Africa and of the Middle East itself with the advent of capitalism that is the main contradiction of African people today.

African petty bourgeois incapable to fight for African workers and peasants and allows others to attack us with impunity

In face of insurmountable anti-black workers immigration rules in Africa and around the imperialist world, and in the absence of state and economic power, African workers are forced to improvise by going through the inhospitable Sahara desert and braving the dangers of crossing the Mediterranean Sea in hope of getting to Europe and North America, Australia, Japan and all other parasitic capitalist countries that do not allow free travel for us African workers.

We African “migrants” are simply chasing our own resources. Everything stolen from us is located in imperialist hubs.

The main reason for our determination is to get our hands on what we have produced or extracted with our own black hands.

The living conditions of Africans living in Libya’s migrant settlements mirror the conditions of millions of Africans in the so-called internally displaced camps in Somalia, South Sudan, Uganda, RDC, Kenya, etc.

What these jihadi thugs are doing in Libya is no different from what African presidents such as dos Santos in Luanda and Sassou Nguesso in Brazzaville have done to African workers.

From Congo to Kinshasa, these leaders had regularly expelled African workers at gunpoint, with whip, kicks and unimaginable violence. Women were not spared from this violence.

Do we still remember how the South African petty bourgeoisie instigates violence from African workers from outside South Africa?

Do we remember how the African petty bourgeoisie chased African workers from Ghana in 1985?

The opportunists in Libya are treating African workers inhumanely because the African petty bourgeoisie gives them permission to do it by displaying its own disloyal standards of Africa and African people.

News that Africans escaping Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia and Yemen were being brutalized with hot iron and hot water in Egypt and Yemen were circulated almost a decade ago.

Africans who makes up 10 percent of Tunisia’s population are discriminated against daily. We are aware of the enslavement of Africans in Mauritania.

White rulers are real human traffickers on world scale

Macron, the French President addressing the Libyan immigration crisis, said arrogantly that there are no white traffickers; traffickers are not whites.

The western embassies that steal our money just for processing our visa applications, knowing full well that most applications will be rejected, the U.S. lottery visa that seduces African youth with 100,000 visa applications paid for by starving Africans and knowing that just a tiny fraction will be approved, are worse than Libya’s traffickers, because it is the U.S. bomb that forced many in Libya to become traffickers.

It is the denial of visas that forces Africans to seek alternative dangerous routes.

But for white power, visa fees are a normal and legal parasitic business.

It is human trafficking of African bodies that created the wealth of the entire white nation.

France and the rest European nations built vessels just for carrying stolen Africans.

African Workers must come to power everywhere in Africa

The vast majority of Africans live on less than $2 per day, while propaganda carried out daily by imperialist media, from TV, movies, ads, newspapers, YouTube, etc. tell the world that we are subhuman.

Neocolonial puppet presidents have demonstrated beyond any doubt their willingness to rape, shoot, maim, mutilate, starve and deport Africans anyhow anywhere across the planet in order to secure the status quo.

That is white power in black face.

We must not have any illusion about the African petty bourgeoisie. They do not treat us better than the Arab petty bourgeoisie.

Parasitical imperialism must not trick us into choosing between the two petty bourgeoisie parasitical social forces.

We African workers know and understand our historical mission. We want an international tribunal for Africa to judge imperialist for war crimes and crimes against Humanity in Africa.

Libya is just one of the cases on the table.

Sarkozy, Obama and Cameron must be jailed.

The liberation and unification of Africa under one black power state is a process in building and consolidating the African nation.

We are calling on all anti-colonial forces in Libya to unite against white power and its allies in Libya.

The future of Libya is in a free, united socialist states of Africa.

African and Arab workers unite against white imperialist power!

Smash Arab petty bourgeois opportunism!


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